9 Replies to “Trailer: First look at Doctor Who series 7”

  1. I may have gotten into the EU on the ground floor, but I cut my teeth on X-Men. Heaps and heaps of pre-existing continuity is not something that scares me.

  2. I’ve been a WHO fan for years and years, even with Rose included (because those episodes often also have Mickey, who is a lovely ‘tin dog’), and especially the Daleks. And in my view one of the best Dalek episodes is ‘Dalek’ in series 1 of the new series. It’s got Rose, but she’s okay here, and it’s got an absolute fabulous Eccleston. Can that man act, and show us a person suffering from survivor’s guilt. But let’s not forget some of the Dalek stories in the Classic series. The special effects may be somewhat dated, but a story like Revelation of the Daleks still holds up very well today. So, I’m very much looking forward to Asylum of the Daleks as it’s going to include loads of Daleks, and of course the Doctor (and Amy who I don’t like, and Rory who I do).

  3. It seems more cinematic in style, somehow. (How it’s shot. The stories have always been cinematic.) Can’t WAIT!

    And the nice part about WHO is that if you don’t like it, things will inevitably change that will drag you right back in. For instance, I did not like Eccleston as The Doctor. And I actually liked Rose and The 10th Doctor.

    If only all franchises were that flexible!

  4. They’re really improved. Another thing I remember about watching those first few revival episodes was how cheap it looked – and I’m not talking effects, but basics like lighting. It all looked a bit chintzy (which is, I guess, par for the course on Who, but still.) I’m really surprised at how much better it looked when I started watching the later seasons. (Even the earliest I’ve watched so far – the Shakespeare episode w/ Martha – is much better.)

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