Today in EU news…

eu-merch-revan.jpg Drew Karpyshyn walks us through the writing and production of Rule of Two.

Rebelscum has even more photos of EU figures: KOTOR’s Darth Revan and Malak, plus the Pre-Cyborg Grievous.

MaryAnn Johnson snarks on Lucas’ comments about getting The Clone Wars on TV.

3 Replies to “Today in EU news…”

  1. The book will have gone from proposal to publication in six months? I know they’re all professionals, but that still seems awfully rushed.

    And like MaryAnn, I thought Lucas was exaggerating his revolutionary-ness a bit. Maybe there isn’t anything exactly like this… but isn’t “PG-13 and animated – must be on after nine and can’t be on a kiddie channel!” what Adult Swim is all about?

  2. On the Bane book: Yeah, it’s weird. Not being all that invested in that particular era, I shrug.

    TV shows: I doubt there’s enough penis jokes for Adult Swim, and I’d rather see them spend the money on keeping their few (two?) half-decent shows afloat. I don’t think Sci-Fi would be willing to shell out for it; they can probably make a half-dozen awful miniseries on what LFL would ask for one season of broadcast rights. It’ll probably end up being somewhere totally random, just like the saga broadcast rights going to Spike.

    Or, hell, apparently Disney wants it:

    I don’t doubt it’ll end up on a network somewhere, but I honestly think that the CW show will end being distributed very heavily online, via Hyperspace or something.

  3. Maybe they’ll team up with Neflix – “available to view now!”

    I suppose they could go direct to DVD, too. Fans would pay.

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