This Is Madness: Hondo discusses Sixteen Strikes Back

Team HondoIt’s Hondo, again. You didn’t think that I would post two days in a row – well, this is Madness! Friends, I must thank you for getting out there to ensure that my favorite Jedi, Ahsoka Tano, edged out that Captain Rex in yesterday’s final bracket of the first level of’s This Is Madness character voting game. I’m sure that Team Ahsoka appreciated the support of Team Hondo.

Now moving onto the next round of This Is Madness: Sixteen Strikes Back. Really, only eight of these characters will be striking back… the other eight will be the ones striking out. That’s a baseball metaphor, and now you are totally surprised that ol’ Hondo knows what a metaphor is. I frequently have to use them to explain things to my crew. They are… I’d say, but I think one or two of them can actually read. But we were talking about This Is Madness, round two. Since Phase II of my plan to win has not panned out due to great support for Padme, Tarkin and Rex, but I’m still the top person not working for the Republic on the charts! Victory!

Today, on the light side, we have Han Solo versus Obi-Wan Kenobi, while on the dark side, it’s Darth Vader against Darth Maul. This throws me into a connun.. conunn… situation. Obi-Wan Kenobi seems like a pretty good Jedi, and Darth Maul is very menacing – I heard that he took over Mandalore. But the two of them (and Maul’s big horn-headed brother) did a great job of turning my already smashed up base into an even bigger mess. It took a week for my men to round up all the tookas again. Voting for Obi-Wan and Maul seems like a smart thing to do, and to show support for The Clone Wars.

But this Han Solo – he seems more my kind of trouble-maker. He’d be a good pirate. And that’s a trap. Pirates should never vote for other pirates – you never know when they’re going to switch sides. Well, you know, when the other side offers more money. But sometimes you get betrayed for unprofitable reasons like you once accidentally kidnapped their parents, or they are really in it for some revolution, or there’s a princess. So, stick with voting for Jedi: you know where they stand, and you can make them squirm. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Plus I hear he enjoys a good drink whenever he can get away from the Jedi Temple. That makes him even better in Hondo’s book.

And also vote for Darth Maul. He may not have his own legs anymore, but hey – neither does Vader! There is something familiar about Vader, and that disturbs me – he’s like someone I once did business with, or maybe kidnapped, or something. My gut is telling me there’s something off about him. Maul, on the other hand, is worth voting for, because I do want to know what happened to him. He took over Mandalore, and wanted to get Obi-Wan back, and now he’s gone quiet – I hope I’m not part of his plans: crossing his path once is enough for Hondo!

As for the next day: Luke vs Yoda, and Jabba vs Cad Bane. I think Yoda has the best chance of beating Han, so go for the old puppet. Jabba vs Cad Bane – ugh: choose the bounty hunter that beat me out, or support him to vote for The Clone Wars. I’m torn on that one.

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  1. My current voting strategy is to vote for whichever party is in/has a bigger role in The Clone Wars. I don’t *actually* think it’s going to make Disney change their minds, but I want them to know we loved that show.

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