This Is Madness: Hondo demands that you vote for Ahsoka!

Team HondoIt is I, Hondo Ohnaka, Scourge of the Space Lanes, and I want you to vote in today’s This Is Madness. Go there now and vote for my favorite Jedi, Ahsoka Tano, on the Light Side bracket.

Hondo normally doesn’t let other people talk when he wants to talk, but Ashley & David Eckstein has this important message, above.

I have no quarrel with Captain Rex – he’s a good guy, maybe a little uptight. But if I had to stick around that Anakin guy all the time, I’d be on edge too – never know when that guy’s gonna snap and go on a mad rampage. Also, I never know if Rex is looking at me or making faces under that helmet of his. There’s a reason my men don’t hide their faces – but some of them are so ugly, they should!

But Ahsoka – she’s more than just a pretty face. Of all the Jedi I’ve done business with over the years, she’s my favorite. Mostly because she doesn’t hold a grudge against me for too long, what with that time she jumped on my ship while I was trying to steal lightsaber crystals rescue those Jedi younglings from a damaged Jedi vessel. She’s got a good sense of when to fight, and when to talk, and I hear she’s looking for a new job. So go vote for her!

And in the dark side category, there’s Palpatine and IG-88. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to vote for the Emperor. Because that’s what you do in an empire – vote for your emperor. I don’t want a visit from his stormtroopers – my base has been ransacked enough, thanks.

As for reviewing my previous picks this week, Team Hondo’s goal has sadly been slighted a bit by good performances by fellow-non-winners, Padme Amidala (who quite deserved being the top of the stack not advancing) and Count Dooku. Also, apparently my pick of Bossk seemed to push him closer to beating my own score.

So my loyal #TeamHondo followers, help push Ahsoka over the top!

3 Replies to “This Is Madness: Hondo demands that you vote for Ahsoka!”

  1. Vote Ahsoka!
    Next round, votes for Clone Wars characters. When Ahsoka gets against Chewbacca, vote Ahsoka; it will show Disney and Lucasfilm that we actually care about the Clone Wars, not just about the movies. It would not be insulting Chewbacca to vote Ahsoka (or Rex) on the second round; fans have already shown him so much love, and they still do. Clone Wars characters need those votes much more than movie characters do, because this is our chance to show Disney fans care about TCW. Chewie would probably ask us to vote for Ahsoka.
    #SaveTheCloneWars #VoteAhsoka

  2. Watching that video with closed eyes is like a new episode of The Clone Wars. Couldn’t we just go to Kickstarter, collect 2 million dollars and book the cast of the show to finish their story for a minimum budget as a radio drama?
    Brian Daley did Star Wars without pictures, why shouldn’t the Clone Wars guys do the same?

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