This can’t be good…can it?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the world tilting off its axis, as news spreads on the interwebs that yes, the Dragonball Z live action movie is a go. Among the rumored cast members are Justin Chatwin (from the War of the Worlds movie and Lost) as Goku and James Marsters, (of Buffy and Angel fame) as the villain. James Kyson Lee (Ando from Heroes) reportedly auditioned for the role of Yamcha.

My only question is, will Goku’s power level be over nine thousand?

4 Replies to “This can’t be good…can it?”

  1. I wouldn’t say Justin Chatwin is so much from Lost as he was in one episode for about a minute.

    I have no words for the wrongness of this.

  2. so, so, so wrong. The only way this will redeem itself is if they hire Samuel L. Jackson and call it “DRAGONS! On a MOTHER****ING BALL!”

  3. Wouldn’t it be IN a Mother****ing ball? ;P

    Good lord, the worst part is, my morbid curiosity keeps whispering in my ear and telling me that this is such a monumental degradation of the culture that I must witness it, for history’s sake.

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