It’s Friday and The Clone Wars is back

Your only visual Star Wars fix returns with ‘Cloak of Darkness’ tonight, complete with…. Surprise James Marsters?!? (The hell?) In less shocking news, Ashley Eckstein and a new webcomic, ‘Transfer.’ UPDATE Annnnd Olivia d’Abo.

As for the fannish side of things, the ForceCast has Kevin Rubio and a ‘Bombad Jedi’ roundtable. Plus, the Galactic Senate message boards are holding a Clone Wars fanfic contest, with actual prizes and everything. (via)

Movie news: Oscar poster, WGA, Comic-Con

IMAGE: Oscar poster by Drew and Christian StruzanThe familiar hand of Drew Struzan (and son) is at work on the poster for the 80th annual Academy Awards poster. In other Oscar news, the show may be picketed if an agreement isn’t reached by February 24.

TV Crunch Time

So many genre offerings this year, so little audience to go around. How are things going?

In the happy news category, Chuck has gotten the order for a full season. And Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is gearing up by asking for fan-made posters. And now that series 1 of Torchwood is wrapping up, the teasing begins with all the cool guest stars for series 2 (i.e., James Marsters).

In the sad news category, Journeyman appears about to leap into the Land of Cancellation. He apparently won’t be terribly lonely as Bionic Woman is about to join him. And even though all of this is speculation, at the very least, Katee Sackhoff hasn’t exactly given it much enthusiastic support on the con circuit.

This can’t be good…can it?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the world tilting off its axis, as news spreads on the interwebs that yes, the Dragonball Z live action movie is a go. Among the rumored cast members are Justin Chatwin (from the War of the Worlds movie and Lost) as Goku and James Marsters, (of Buffy and Angel fame) as the villain. James Kyson Lee (Ando from Heroes) reportedly auditioned for the role of Yamcha.

My only question is, will Goku’s power level be over nine thousand?

Conblogging from D*C

I went to one Star Wars panel today – the first, an intro to the MOTF track and prequel discussion. Not being particularly obsessive when it comes to the prequels, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot of prequel EU talk actually, and surprisingly a flame war did not erupt. (Do I spend too much time on TFN or what?)

Alas, I skipped out on Zahn’s showcase for The Venture Brothers. (Four of the three panels I really wanted to see today? Same time slot.) Zahn will be at tomorrow’s ‘Words of the Force’ though, and no doubt someone will ask the relevant question. Twice.

Meanwhile, Fen went to the James Marsters Buffyverse Q&A today, and posted a lengthy recap on her LJ.

I will not be an enabler!

Not so, I lie!

Comic Continuum has pictures of James Marsters from Smallville’s next (October 20th) episode. They also have a description of the October 27th episode, which has Carrie Fisher guest starring as the editor of The Daily Planet.

(I’ve heard Smallville is really, really awful this year, but what else is new? It can’t be any worse than The O.C., right? Please, someone tell me I’m right.)

In other SW guest star news, Comic Continuum also reported that Mark Hamill will be voicing the Trickster on an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited. Hamill infamously played the Trickster in the short lived live-action Flash TV show starring Dawson’s dad, and (of course) voiced the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series. I’d link pictures, but you’re probably off just renting Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back for your Hamill-in-spandex fix.