The pinnacle of nerd: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Cindal goes soap?

Spike was showing the prequels this weekend, so naturally Twitter chatter followed. Head beneath the cut, my padawans…

But it was also the first Star WArs Weekend, and it seems like way more people I know on Twitter attended this year than ever – ever – before. It’s like they don’t know it’s in Florida.

I guess this is EU? Let’s say it’s EU.


This is certainly EU.

I used to do this. Now I read so much AP wire copy that I’ve compartmentalized and desensitized.

And also, I got this joke. Stop busting up my compartments, Kemp!

Actually, Mara-as-a-Mary-Sue gained some traction in certain areas of fandom during the NJO, thanks in no small part to a pair of fairly dedicated, yet rather hilarious, trolls.

And, to take us out, the snark:

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  1. That’s the nice thing about Twitter: everyone gets training on writing a good one-liner. We’re a bunch of Henny Youngmans.

    (Look him up, younglings.)

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