The Jedi Council’s top 100 EU characters

IMAGE: Corran Horn, but only for HorseyIn January TFN’s Jedi Council Literature board counted down their 100 favorite works; Now their buddies over in the EU Community have tackled the Top 100 Expanded Universe characters.

Once again, I’ve copied the top 20 below the cut. Some of their choices might surprise you… Or maybe not, depending how much you read TFN.

20. Ben Skywalker
19. Talon Karrde
18. Lumiya / Shira Brie
17. Soontir Fel
16. Vergere
15. Zayne Carrick
14. Roan Fel
13. Borsk Fey’lya
12. Quinlan Vos
11. Gilad Pellaeon
10. Nom Anor
9. Cade Skywalker
8. Jag Fel
7. Darth Revan
6. Kyp Durron
4. Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus
4. Corran Horn
3. Mara Jade
2. Thrawn
1. Anakin Solo

2 Replies to “The Jedi Council’s top 100 EU characters”

  1. Anakin Solo is at top? O.o Okay. I only know who half those people are. I’m not sure how to feel about that. Relieved, I suppose.

    However, there’s a guy named Nom? As in om nom nom? XD

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