The fandom minute: Comparing Lucas, sucking on Legos

Quotables. Alice in Wonderland producer Richard D. Zanuck calls George Lucas “the Thomas Edison of our time.”

Weequay Thranta Fambaa. A girl on German game show can ID Lego action figures with her mouth. That’s a skill that’ll take her far. (via)

Under the stars. Take a peek at this Star Wars nursery.

Well, it is kind of true. Yoda is one of Cracked’s 6 famous movie wisemen who were totally full of shit.

One Reply to “The fandom minute: Comparing Lucas, sucking on Legos”

  1. @ Edison/Lucas: It makes for an interesting comparison, but the Lucas/Walt Disney resemblance is still much greater:

    1. Entertainment empire – check.
    2. Technological revolutionary – check.
    3. Creator of pop culture idols – check.
    4. Most successful when borrowing older story ideas – check.
    5. Not a great artist – check.
    6. Gave America back its innocence after a great depression- check.

    All that’s missing is Star Wars Land, but I guess Star Tours 2 will do for the time being. ;-)

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