The Clone Wars: Is Ahsoka ‘The Jedi Who Knew Too Much’?

The investigation behind the Jedi Temple bombing continues in this week’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With her main suspect in custody, Ahsoka Tano continues her search for justice… or is it revenge that she’s seeking? In the first preview above, Ahsoka goes to meet the perpetrator of the attack, Letta Turmond, in her detention block. The second clip started off as an IGN exclusive with Ahsoka showing a little more emotion than a Jedi should, while discussing the situation with Admiral Tarkin, Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offee. Is Ahsoka going to get in over her head?

And catching up with last week’s ‘Sabotage’ which started off this final arc, we have a featurette called ‘The Cost of the Clone Wars’, where Dave Filoni talks about new writer Charles Murray and procedurals, as well as the changing perception of the Jedi in the minds of the Republic’s populace.TCW-518-TheJediWhoKnewTooMuch

2 Replies to “The Clone Wars: Is Ahsoka ‘The Jedi Who Knew Too Much’?”

  1. Ok I have to admit this episode was set up perfectly. The visuals, sound effects, foreshadowing everything just perfect. But the plot. Ahsoka killing clones??? Anakin Anakin Anakin where were you? This episode has swayed my attitude towards clones. Captain Rex was my favourite. I thought he would have never doubted Ahsoka’s innocence and sided with Anakin. I thought he was smarter and should have knew Ahsoka would never have killed those clones. I sympathise for Ahsoka as she is in an extremely arkward position. This episode is leading up to order 66 and maybe explaining why they obeyed without hesitation. This may be a plot by Palpatine to help turn Anakin to the dark side. Like when he lost his mother and Padme. Is his padawan next? Does she die, does she flee and go into exile. So many questions! I most remember this is only a Tv series even though the series has brought up some strong attachments to the characters. I hate how everything turns out perfectly for Palpatine… But the Star Wars storyline is just perfect!

  2. I think Bariss is guilty for the bombing and maybe setting up Ahsoka. The way she tried to detach herself from the conversation in the temple about the bombing. But why set up Ahsoka. She saved her life on Geonosis. Hopefully whoever is behind this is exposed in the last episode.

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