Clone Wars goes kid-MMO with Clone Wars Adventures posted that Sony Online Entertainment announced the development of Clone Wars Adventures, a free-to-play online experience based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and geared primarily towards TCW’s fan base of children. Remember, get permission from your parents! Similar to SOE’s game Free Realms, Clone Wars Adventures is not your typical MMORPG (which is usually combat focused), but instead has different mini-games, exploration of the SW universe, and customizing your own SW gear.

Check out the announcement video, which calls it a destination, not a game. From the announcement, it looks like gameplay is limited to being a Jedi or a clonetrooper, but there’s also speeder and starfighter piloting games, as well as a puzzle and card games. While the game will be playable with free accounts, a monthly paid subscription will provide greater access and exclusive virtual goodies. Chat with friends, show off your achievements, or circumvent the parental controls for the ultimate Clone Wars adventure.

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  1. This kind of looks like that other Cartoon Network game that they kept airing commercials for during TCW; Fusion Fall.

    I’m not sure how good it’s going to be, but I’ll probably check it out anyway since it’s free.

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