The Clone Wars game sure to… uh… something

If you’ve been dying to hear more about The Clone Wars game (or just a The Clone Wars game) it’s your lucky day: IGN has an interview with LucasArts’ Feargus Carroll, and we learn the game’s name (The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance) and that it’s a Nintendo DS (handheld) exclusive. And it involves Nightsisters. And Dooku.

But! There are two, and the other one is just The Clone Wars and for the Wii. Looks like just a basic dueler… Yes kids, you’re finally getting your Wii lightsaber game. Hoorah.

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  1. From the Wii interview:

    “We have one of the main writers from the movie and the series writing and all the voice talent from the series recording over 4000 lines of dialog for the game.”

    Does that mean even Christopher Lee and Sam Jackson? Or were they making a careful distinction between “film” and “series,” thus indicating that the star voice talent isn’t sticking around? (Did we already know that?)

    “So, when you as Obi-Wan versus General Grievous, they will say things to each other that they will never say to any other character. We think this is something that we’ve never seen in a game like this and is perfect for Star Wars and the Clone Wars franchise in particular.”

    I remember that exact feature being one of the nice touches in the Episode III videogame….

  2. …I can’t believe I missed that link. Thanks, Toph.

    I’ll have to take your work on the dialouge thing. I haven’t owned a gaming console since the early 90’s…

  3. Yes, please, *more* things titled “The Clone Wars.”

    And apparently I’m the only one who remembers that there already IS at least one video game called “The Clone Wars.”

  4. Gonk–it seems they basically decided the original “multimedia project” just didn’t do the period justice (which is probably true), so from a marketing standpoint, they’re pretty much pretending it never happened.
    (and that’s not even updated with these games)

    I sort of wish the film had a subtitle so we could have a nice little acronym to distinguish it from the series. I’m sure some standard convention will emerge…

  5. …and once again, shortly after posting my comment I find something else worth noting…

    I was just poking around the new TCW minisite and out of boredom starting reading the Sharpshooter instructions. This is the last page:

    “Your hard work will be rewarded. Depending on your score you will get a codeword allowing you to upgrade your clone on the upcoming CLONE WARS: LIVE FIRE game. Stay tuned!”

    Another??? I’m thinking this’ll just be another Flash game, though…

  6. Aaaaaand sorry to post so many comments here but the latest Homing Beacon just arrived in my inbox, and it’s about these two games. The Wii one is apparently literally titled “Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels.” Erm… descriptive. And there’ll be a trailer tomorrow. If anyone cares. :)

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