EUbits: Sansweet’s 1000, Random Clones, Bohnhoff’s plotting and something gamey

Nonfiction. Here we have the cover for Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles. Steve Sansweet and Anne Neumann take us into the depths of Rancho Obi-Wan… Okay, maybe not the depths. Look for it October 1st.

Random. TheForce.Net has some random updates on upcoming books, mostly The Clone Wars kids stuff, which honestly I’m not even trying to keep track of. There is an episode guide that might be of interest to some.

A Padawan’s Journal. Bohnhoff on Plotting the Wily Star Wars Novel and First Impressions.

Games. Another Battlefront on the way. On that note, here’s the Threat of Peace web comic is now on #7.

EUbits: Adventures, Kemp, Bohnhoff, TCW, Invasion, Threat of Peace


  • Preview: Take a peek at the first issue of the new Star Wars Adventures digest. Apparently some have found it in the UK, but there’s been no sign of it on Diamond so I wouldn’t go looking just yet.
  • The Blogside: Paul S. Kemp has thoughts on writing Crosscurrent, while Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff has two updates in her Padawan’s Journal series: Protocol Droids and Velveteen Bunnies and Mistakes Were Made.
  • The Clone Wars: Don’t expect to see a paperback of Karen Traviss’ Clone Wars novel anytime soon – There are no plans to release one, says Sue Rostoni. If you absolutely must have a paperback, look to the UK version.
  • Comics: has a new From the Editor, about Invasion. (Nothing we don’t already know, but we can expect an announcement in a week or so.)
  • Webcomics: Third and fourth updates in The Old Republic‘s Threat of Peace.