In the news: Samuel L. Jackson, bailouts, copyright, hotels and a criminal Chewbacca

People: Samuel L. Jackson received the American Cinematheque award earlier this week, along praise from George Lucas, Denzel Washington and Justin Timberlake .

Even Artoo and Threepio showed up!

  • Har har har: The Los Angeles Times has a bailout plan for Star Wars. My only question is, does George have a private jet?
  • Books: Looking for some light reading? Lawrence Lessig’s Remix: Making Art and Culture Thrive in the Hybrid Economy touches at least a little on Star Wars copyright issues, according to The Mercury News review. In any case, it looks like a must-read for anyone with copyright concerns.
  • Crime: Chewbacca Calvin Johnson of Georgia is racking up quite a criminal record. (Thanks, Paula.)
  • Travel: Wired takes a look at geek hotels, starting with the Sidi Driss and continuing with some places a little closer to home.

ANH props and costumes at Profiles in History

Threepio\'s feet

There are several Star Wars items in the latest Profiles in History auction, including Threepio’s feet (above,) a TIE miniature, a Duros latex head cast, an Imperial Officer uniform and X-Wing master molds, all from from A New Hope. The Star Wars items are lots 901-905, but there’s plenty of sci-fi and action film items scattered throughout, including the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade (Lot 916.) You don’t have to be a collector to enjoy paging through the catalog PDF… (Thanks to Rach on the list!)