Heir to the Empire anniversary hardcover is coming

NJOE has discovered a listing for a special reissue of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire coming out next year. This is unconfirmed of course, but LFL has been hinting that something special is coming for the 20th anniversary of the book that jump-started the modern Expanded Universe.

Sue Rostoni confirms:

Yes, there are plans for a 20th Anniversary Issue of HEIR TO THE EMPIRE, coming out next June. It’s a hardcover — and that’s all I can reveal at this time.

Let’s hope the details emerge soon – and that they’ll include better cover art.

New Zahn novel gets yet another title change; Kemp teases Riptide on Twitter

Sue Rostoni just posted that she’s received Timothy Zahn’s manuscript for his upcoming Star Wars novel – and that the book, which we’ve known as Choices and Hand of Judgment, now has yet another title: Choices of One.

Criticizing the titles of Star Wars novels is like shooting fish in a barrel and Hand of Judgment wasn’t some great prize, but… Choices of One? Really? It just makes me think of a crossover between Wheaties and those lame army commercials. Meh.

Meanwhile, Paul S. Kemp has tweeted a brief peek at his upcoming Crosscurrent sequel, Riptide:

“Indeed,” Grandmaster Skywalker said. “The dark side is at work through more than the clones. Be careful, Jaden.”

New from Sue: Darth Plagueis novel resurrected

You will never watch the opera scene with a straight face again.This morning, NJOE posted about a listing they’d found for a James Luceno Darth Plagueis novel scheduled for 2012. I was doubtful (after all, the book was canceled) but it was brought to the VIP thread, where Sue confirmed that the book has indeed risen from the dead:

Yes, apparently a database has leaked this upcoming hardcover that will follow Palpatine’s rise to power and his Master, Plagueis. “Not Yet Published” should have read: “Not Yet Announced.”

I’m very hesitant about this: I believe that Palpatine’s backstory, like Yoda’s, is one the EU should give a wide berth, and I can’t fathom that it’s possible to do that effectively with story of his Sith Master.

(Of course, given what I really want out of this story, it’s probably for the best that I don’t make these decisions.)

Sue also said this book is not the replacement for Imperial Commando #2 (we might hear more on that next week) and that no more adult Clone Wars novels are planned through the end of the current contract.

EUbits: The Jedi Path falls to Earth in September; Your Imperial Commando is dead, son.

First look. The Jedi Path comes in a vault. What? Yeah. Or: “Passed down from Master to Padawan, the pages of this venerable text have been annotated by those who have held it, studied it, and lived its secrets.” Since we’re living in the real world, I like Dan Wallace’s explanation: ” It’s supposed to look like an in-universe artifact that fell through a rabbit hole from the galaxy far, far away.” It is an interesting concept, but mostly I just fear what the Jedi Church will make of it.

Hey hey hey, goodbye. Yes, it’s official: There will be no Imperial Commando 2. (It was probably a lose-lose sans Traviss anyway.)

Namesake corner. Sideshow is teasing about a Mara Jade figure again. They like the Adam Hughes painting! (Sigh.) At least she’s not doing laundry?

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