Gate Geek: Mallozzi responds to SyFy

As reported by GateWorld, Stargate Universe producer Joseph Mallozzi (who is doing a fun review of his favorite Stargate experiences) has a few quibbles with SyFy’s open letter to Stargate fans.

Mostly, it gets down to wanting SyFy to admit the error in judgment in their decision to move SGU to Tuesday’s based on the success of a less competitive summer schedule. Plus, there’s the ongoing discussion about how DVR ratings should affect things that everyone in the industry is trying to figure out; especially around genre shows.

Bottom line, there were business reasons for the show to end. And it’s still sad.

Stargate takes its final bows

The last episode of Stargate Universe is airing tonight. It will be the first time in 14 years that there hasn’t been a Stargate series in production.

There are many Tweets from the cast and crew about their sadness over the demise of the show. But it looks like we’ll have a fitting ending.  In spite of the news of cancellation not coming until after they finished filming, producer Brad Wright feels we’ll find it a good sendoff.

Thanks, Stargate!

SGU actor ain’t gonna take it any more

Brian Jacob Smith, who plays Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe, has had it with Stargate fans who hate the latest show, yet persist in hanging around to annoy everyone else with how much they hate it.

He took to TwitLonger to let one fan, in particular, know just how he felt.  But, hey, it applies.

Please don’t lurk in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to turn our enthusiasm against us. It’s such a rotten thing to do, and I’m struggling to understand why you think it’s perfectly fine. If you need a good example of why this fanbase is so divided and full of animosity, just refer to your comment.

So far, I’m not seeing a specific groundswell of topics about this over in the wild west of the Gateworld forum, but I’m sure this will strike a note.  It’s been a long-standing problem in fandom and I, for one, am glad to see Brian stand up to it.

Stargate Universe cleans up Gemini nominations

Fresh off the Emmy broadcast, the Gemini Award nominations, recognizing achievement in Canadian English-language television, have been released.  And, unlike in the US, they tend to appreciate good genre television.

Stargate Universe did pretty well for itself:

  • Best Dramatic Series
  • Best Performance by an Actor – Robert Carlyle (Human), Louis Ferreira (Justice)
  • Best Direction – Andy Mikita (Air, Part 1)
  • Best Original Music Score – Joel Goldsmith (Light)
  • Best Photography – Light
  • Best Editing – Human
  • Best Sound Series
  • Best Visual Effect – Air, Part 1

Other genre nods: