Audio details for Star Wars Blu-Rays

One thing missing from last week’s Blu-Ray announcement was the audio details, but the DTS Facebook has confirmed that they will be in DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1. I have no idea what that means (here’s their own explanation) but folks seem pleased.

Meanwhile, there were rumors floating around the other day that the saga box art might be lenticular. Alas, The Forcecast’s Jimmy Mac talked to Lucasfilm, and it’s not true.

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9-disc Star Wars Blu-Ray set revealed!

The rush of fans wanting Blu-Ray details initially crashed the May the 4th site. When it finally got up and running, it began revealing images on the number of social media shares… An act which strikes me as rather sleazy.

Thankfully, I was finally able to procure some decent art, and you’ll see it above. I’m not all that impressed with the art of the individual sets, but I was never a fan of that style to begin with. The art for the saga set, on the other hand, is straight-up awful: It looks less like Star Wars and more like Precious Moments: The Movie.

Hopefully some retailer somewhere will be providing a better-looking exclusive.

LFL will be revealing some additional tidbits on their brand-new Facebook.

The special features list audio commentary for each movie, all involving George Lucas and various notables including Rick McCallum, Irvin Kershner, Carrie Fisher and Ben Burtt, as well as archival audio.

Each trilogy has an entire archive disc… And the ninth includes documentaries including 1977’s The Making of Star Wars and three brand new ones: Star Warriors, on the 501st Legion; A Conversation with the Masters: The Empire Strikes Back 30 Years Later with George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan and John Williams; And Star Wars Spoofs, containing footage from Family Guy, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother and Weird Al.

I’ve cut and paste the complete list under the cut. Please don’t hate me, LFL. Continue reading “9-disc Star Wars Blu-Ray set revealed!”

Star Wars Blu-Rays coming out in September, available for pre-order

Darth Vader and various minions announced today at CES that the saga is coming to Blu-Ray in three different configurations: A 9-disc Complete Saga for $139.99 and 3-disc sets for the Original and Prequel trilogies both priced at $69.99. All three can now be pre-ordered at Amazon. They’ll all be released in September.

The Complete Saga set will also include 30-plus hours of “extensive special features including never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes, an exploration of the exclusive Star Wars archives, and much more.” We’ll be hearing more about those in the coming months, I’m sure.