NYCC: Star Wars at New York Comic Con

nycc-logo-2013-loThis weekend is New York Comic Con, and Star Wars will be out in full force – even more than their presence at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. From October 10 – 13, the Javits Center in New York City will be wall-to-wall fandom, and topping it off for Star Wars fans will be Pablo Hidalgo’s panel on Rebels on Saturday at 2:45 pm. On Tuesday, @StarWars warned that there will be a giveaway item at the Rebels panel – some sort of Imperial propaganda.

Del Rey announced their lineup of authors doing signings at their Star Wars Books booth (and free book giveaways), with John Jackson Miller, Drew Karpyshyn, J. W. Rinzler, Ryder Windham, Jason Fry, and Chris Reiff making appearances.

Rooqoo Depot has a great listing of more Star Wars goings-on, including a list of the Star Wars panels (Anthony Daniels! Origami! Making of Return of the Jedi!), as well as booth signings for DK Books and Dark Horse Comics.

Hallmark-2013-NYCC-RancorFor those looking for exclusive merchandise, Hallmark has a Rancor ornament, Kotobukiya has an R2-Q5 ARTFX+ Statue, and Dark Horse has a NYCC sketch cover variant for The Star Wars #1. Her Universe will be selling at the official Reed Pop store.

First Rebels teaser coming Monday to Disney XD

Rebels (logo)TheForce.Net and many others are reporting that we can expect to see a glimpse of Rebels on Disney XD next Monday, October 7. A 15-second teaser will run during the premiere episode of Mighty Med, which airs from 8:30-9:00pm ET.

However, the tease will not contain any clips from the show, which is, to be fair, almost a year away from airing. Curious… But we have to assume it’ll give Pablo something to talk about later that week at NYCC.

Rumor: Possible timeline placement for Rebels?

Rebels: The Ghost

Apparently on the latest Bleeding Cool podcast, they reveal a number of details on the new animated show, Rebels. According to Making Star Wars, they give it a more specific date range – eight years after Revenge of the Sith, or 12 before A New Hope. They also have the basic storyline of the show’s premiere movie, but I’ll spare you that due to possible spoilers – head over to either of the links to see/hear it for yourself.

Rebels will debut with the movie on the Disney Channel sometime next fall, with the series following on Disney XD.

And, FYI:

Disney Press gives some details for Rebels launch

rebels logoKnights Archive spotted some extra details about the timeline for the marketing and launch of Rebels in the Disney Press catalog. Listed among the key selling points for the Rebels read-along storybook and CD, scheduled for August 2014, are a few tidbits about how Rebels is going to be hyped:

TERRIFIC TEASERS: Four short-form interstitials will release in Summer 2014, introducing viewers to the characters of Star Wars Rebels. In Fall 2014, a one-hour debut special will air on Disney Channel and Disney XD, followed by the series roll-out on Disney XD.

And the depth of the merchandising:

SUPER SYNERGY: Star Wars Rebels will have A-level company-wide marketing in Summer/Fall 2014, as well as a huge push across consumer product divisions, including digital, electronics, toys, apparel, stationery, and home furnishings.

What, no mention of health and beauty products?

Rumor: David Oyelowo cast in Episode VII?

David Oyelowo

Hot on the heels of the news that David Oyelowo might have a part in Rebels, Jedi News’ spy is saying that Oyelowo has actually been cast in Episode VII. His Rebels character will be part of the setup for his character in the movie: “All part of the major EpVII co-ordinated push being pulled together by Simon Kinberg and the first major sign that Rebels will be the vehicle to setup the masses for EpVII fever!!”

Likely? Maybe. Official? Not by a long shot. As always, we wait on word from Lucasfilm before we really believe anything.

Rumor: David Oyelowo, Freddie Prinze Jr. in talks for Rebels voice cast

rebels logoThe Hollywood Reporter this afternoon brings us what may be the cast of Rebels! David Oyelowo, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray and Steven Jay Blum “are in the process of being cast as the voice leads for the series,” they say.

You’ll recognize Oyelowo from the other day’s Latino Review rumor, which had him auditioning for Episode VII. (Which he still could be!) Prinze will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the ’90s – he’s perhaps best known for starring in I Know What You Did Last Summer, She’s All That and 2002’s Scooby-Doo. Blum and Marshall are both voice acting vets who made their Star Wars debuts in The Old Republic. And it looks like Gray has some Nickelodeon cred.

We’ll be hearing more about Rebels at NYCC next month – can we expect some official casting news before that? Let’s hope so, for Pablo’s sake.

Pablo Hidalgo giving Rebels presentation at NYCC

Rebels: The GhostThere’s one major media con left for the year: New York Comic Con. And Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo will be there for a presentation on the upcoming cartoon Rebels, announced today. The panel, subtitled ‘Might of the Empire,’ will be held Saturday, October 12 at 2:45 p.m. Here’s the description:

What happens when the Galactic Empire takes over a planet? What if Imperials took interest in your world, and garrisoned Stormtroopers and TIE fighters to maintain order? Star Wars Rebels, the thrilling, all-new animated television series from Lucasfilm for Disney XD will ask those questions — and so will this panel hosted by Lucasfilm’s resident Star Wars expert, Pablo Hidalgo.

Details on the show are closely guarded, but fans at NYCC will get a first look at new art from the series, and learn new information about the formidable forces of the Galactic Empire. Star Wars Rebels is set between Episodes III and IV, and it is a dark time in the galaxy. In the spirit of the original trilogy, the Empire is once again the preeminent villain of the saga, and Star Wars Rebels puts the awesome might of Imperial forces in the spotlight.

The series is still a year away, so don’t miss this chance to get an early look at its development.

We got our most extensive look (so far) at Rebels from Dave Filoni at Celebration Europe in July. It’s expected to begin airing next fall.

There will also be panels on The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with J.W. Rinzler and Jason Fry, origami with Chris Alexander, “Blast-A-Trooper” with the 501st Legion and several licensees, including Del Rey and Dark Horse.

And before you ask…

EUbits: Razor’s Edge makes the blog rounds, Essential Characters pushed back to 2016

Empire and Rebellion: Razor's EdgeLots of Leia. Lots of goodies are coming up on the Razor’s Edge blog tour. There are Martha Wells interviews at Fiction State of Mind and TFN and, with excerpt, on the Her Universe Facebook. Plus another excerpt from Star Wars Books and on Suvudu, an interview with White Hot Room’s Bria about her Razor’s Edge Leia costume.

Upcoming. Has the new Essential Characters been pushed back to 2016? It looks like it, from what Knights’ Archive has discovered. Making room for Episode VII characters? They also spotted the first Rebels tie-ins, which are coming in August 2014 from Disney Press.

Kenobi. John Jackson Miller got some pixels at Publisher’s Weekly upon the occasion of Kenobi being a bestseller; He’ll be chatting with Star Wars Books next Wednesday. In the meantime, there’s a new interview at Knights Archive.

Review. James thinks Star Wars #9 has good revelations for Vader and Leia, but only meh on Han’s part.

Report: Distribution via Apple TV for cartoons, Episode VII production news?

apple tvJedi News has a doozie for us today: There’s an app in development that Disney and Lucasfilm for Apple TV devices… And that venue will be where they distribute the “the final Clone Wars episodes exclusively” – and it’s going to happen in the upcoming holiday season. But that’s not all, their source said:

“Distribution will only be on Apple TV devices capable of running iOS7 and there has been no confirmation if the same app will be available to other iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone.”

Now THAT is where I start to get excited… As much as I’d rather have set information coming in from less restrictive environment… Well, I am an Apple fan. (Please come to iOS. Just the Episode VII stuff.) Plus, Apple announced that they’re adding some Disney content to Apple TV today, so this concept is anything but far-fetched.

And… I have heard independently of this that there is a big multi-media/app project in the works which could fit right in the the same wheelhouse as what we’re hearing here. Certainly there are far, far more details to come if this ends up being true, but I am definitely leaning in the direction of ‘plausible’ here. At least for today.