Something’s actually rotten at Livejournal this time

To be honestly I thought Strikethrough and all the related panic-filled hubris about naked Harry Potters were much ado about nothing… But Livejournal has finally done something to make me worry about the future of the site: They’ve laid off their product managers and engineers, according to Valleywag. Is the end nigh? Or will LJ’s large user base find some sort of salvation? Back up, and stay tuned…

UPDATE: There’s another report on LJ itself. It has a smaller number of layoffs, and lots of links, and I’d trust it more than Valleywag. Though I’d still do a backup.

Meta report: CJ blog on Twitter and Facebook

clubjade@twitter.comSo, the Twitter is pretty smoking, in that there are 300+ postings in the space of about a month and a half. And while most of the stuff over there does make it over here eventually as promised, not all of it does. Consider that a bonus for Twitter users. I am looking into a way to get it on the sidebar of the blog here (it takes a bit of research: there are about a million plugins to do it) but nothing annoyingly Loudtwitter-esque, I promise.

And since so many of you are on Facebook, well, there’s something for you, too: The Networked Blogs app, which lets you ID yourself as a reader of Club Jade, or any other blog you might fancy. Livejournalers, which came #2 in the poll, have long had to friend. All the LJ feeds have been a bit sluggish lately, but they get the job done.

A constant drizzle of pollage

More polls, please!

Imadra Blue is polling for Star Wars fandom preferences on the Livejournal. It’s mainly a saga (mostly prequel) oriented poll, both because that’s Jax’s corner of fandom and because there isn’t really a huge contingent of active EU fans there. (Obligatory pimping of starwars_eu and marafics. And yes, there will be a giant EU poll sooner rather than later. As usual, I have more ideas than time to type them.)

And don’t forget to vote in our first sidebar poll! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been holding a steady lead in what you want the most for 2008. Looks like I’ll have to buy JawaJames a whip!