In the news: Live-action something, maybe; George; Amira Sa’id; Happy Meals; Mark Hamill

Rumorville: Perth Now is reporting that the music for a Star Wars TV series filmed in Sydney that “could have 400 half-hour episodes” (umm…) will be recorded in Perth by Malcolm Luker. Okay then! Of course, George Lucas (or a good impersonator) was spotted down under last week. I guess we’ll get the full story (or not) in November.

eFX Collectibles website is live

eFX Collectibles

The new company and licensee launched their website today – so if you’re dying to get a jump on one of their 500 full-size Stormtrooper helmets (on sale tomorrow) you can beat the competition by registering today. Or you can simply check out upcoming products, like a Darth Vader ‘concept’ helmet (which even I can admit is kind of neat) and an Ashoka lightsaber.

Del Rey contract renewal confirmation?

Not an official announcement, and not really a huge surprise either given what we’ve been finding on, but Rebelscum is saying that Star Wars Action News is reporting (I can’t find it on their site, and life is too short for podcasts. It’s on their message boards.) that someone at Del Rey confirmed that they did renew their contract with Lucasfilm.

We’ll no doubt get additional details when the official announcement is made… Hopefully soon.

More on The Clone Wars tie-in books

Publisher’s Weekly looks into the busy world of The Clone Wars tie-ins. The pertinent bits:

Grosset & Dunlap will be the primary licensee for children’s formats including junior novelizations, 8x8s, readers, movie photo books and activity books, starting with movie tie-ins this summer—the on-sale date for all books and merchandise is July 26—followed by TV-based titles in the fall. Other juvenile licensees include DK for sticker books, Visual Guides and DK Readers and Dalmatian for coloring and activity books. For older readers, Random House’s Del Rey imprint will publish one movie and four TV novelizations, and Dark Horse will release monthly comics and digest-size graphic novels. An “Art Of” title is expected as well.

Meanwhile, classic Star Wars publishing will continue; Scholastic will introduce a new series next year.

Paul over at TFN speculates that the Traviss and Miller mystery books may be the first wave of novelizations.

The Clone Wars for young readers

We’ve never had much interest in the doings of the young kids books, but Paul over at TFN (via Once Upon a Galaxy) has an interesting find: The Clone Wars books for ‘young readers’ and ‘readers’ and published by Penguin’s Grosset & Dunlap imprint. I don’t think this would really effect the adult novels – clearly there are a variety of different contracts at work here. (Including the one with Dorling Kindersley, which is also an imprint of Penguin.) Still, an interesting development.

As for the books themselves, you can check out the lineup on their Star Wars sell sheet (Warning: PDF.) It lists six books with a July 26th release date, and even less plot details than TV Guide.

Sue Rostoni has ‘no comment’ on mystery books: Idle speculation on the new contract

Not the most surprising comment in the world, but hey, at least it’s something:

I can’t comment on this yet because the contract (a different one than the “main” contract) has not yet been signed. And “first announcements” will appear on first, so if you haven’t read it from the main site, I can’t comment on it here.

As for ongoing contract issue that she also addresses, it should be noted that both books are listed as Del Rey releases on Amazon and also appear on (with the Del Rey logo) just like all the currently announced upcoming books. Would LFL pursue a secondary contract with Del Rey if they weren’t planning on renewing the main one? (And for that matter, why is Del Rey adding them to the catalog if the contract isn’t signed? Solicitation requirements?)

We have had dual book contracts before (Del Rey/Bantam in the 90’s) but I’m not really inclined to believe that LFL would go back in that direction.

Toy Fair: Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Muggs and etc.

Rebelscum has the Hasbro presentation. Comic pack details start at slide 16. There’s also some new figures of interest in the Evolutions line – X-Wing fans, you can finally have a Hobbie to hang out with your Wes and Fel.

IMAGE: The whinest Luke you’ve ever seen.

Marc Ecko gets more press

This time it’s the New York Times, checking out his new store in Chelsea. A brief paragraph addresses the Star Wars line:

He is also obsessed with “Star Wars” and somehow wrangled a licensing deal with the franchise. A white T-shirt has a storm trooper head rendered beautifully in little appliquéd crystals, while a likeness of Yoda in green dots on a brown T-shirt looks warty and nauseating. Mr. Ecko lovingly explains his fetish in a long paragraph printed on the back inside collar: “It’s no secret I am a fan of all things Star Wars,” it reads. “Just when I am getting pop culture fatigue, I watch Star Wars.”

In other merchandise news, features another line of t-shirts and a new Sideshow farmboy Luke.