Role-playing games: WOTC to take on Legacy era?

Eddie of Star Wars Chronology spotted a Legacy Era Campaign Guide on Amazon. It has a release date of March 2009 and lists Star Wars RPG regulars Rodney Thompson, Sterling Hershey, and Gary Astleford as authors. (Perusing their listings also turns up campaign guides for The Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed.)

Remember, Amazon is not exactly a reliable news source, so we can’t be 100% sure of this… But seeing as they’re doing a KOTOR guide I don’t doubt they’re up for detailing other EU eras.

Poll results: Invincible and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I kind of missed the pie charts, until I made two of them in a single night. Anyway, here are the results of our two-week polls concerning the two biggest events of May: the final Legacy of the Force novel (fig. 1) and the long-awaited fourth Indiana Jones movie (fig. 2.) Overall, it seems you guys liked them – although you clearly liked Indy a lot more. Of course, he received the most votes as well – 154 to Invincible’s 119. (Not too shabby on the book’s part, even considering that our audience is a bit skewed in that regard.)

EU newsbits: Millennium Falcon, LOTF, TFU

IMAGE: Millennium Falcon