There are no gay people in Star Wars, except for the part where there totally are

UPDATE: Bioware has lifted the topic ban and Dahlberg has apologized. And Penny Arcade weighs in.

So, the latest kerfuffle in the saga of gays in Star Wars comes out of Bioware’s forums, where community manager Sean Dahlberg shut down a discussion of possible gay and lesbian relationships in The Old Republic with the phrase:

As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars.

Thread closed.

Well, as any crazy obsessed EU fan will tell you… He’s half right. In recent years, Star Wars has played host to a single gay couple – Goran Beviin and Medrit Vasur in Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice – but they’re fairly easy to overlook if your eyes glaze over at the very mention of Mandalorians. And the terminology ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ is never used: One point for Dahlberg. They’re just there, without comment, just like any other couple. (Which is as it should be, IMO.) Though as subtle as it was, the inclusion still proved controversial in the fandom.

Of course, the real issue here: Will this message board mishap continue to get play in the blogs? Will that prompt Lucasfilm to finally up and address the issue of homosexuality in the GFFA? It’s not going to be a fun time for the message board moderators either way.

And the Waru goes to…

Waru's ladiesDaala, of course. It honestly wasn’t much of a contest – everyone’s favorite KJA-spawned Imperial psycho and her new job as (LOTF spoiler) the Galactic Alliance Chief of State (aka President of the Galaxy for our less EU-oriented friends) took an early lead and kept it, although Ahsoka made a strong showing. But she’s young, and while it’s hard to imagine that The Clone Wars could top a surprise apprentice for Anakin, this is Star Wars. George will certainly think of something! Hell – she might even survive.

What will the 2009 hold for the Warus? Not much… We hope. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, tell us why you voted for, why, and what would you have nominated for the 2008 Warus?