That’s no moon! It’s a Star Wars roundup!

Rick McCallum received an award at the European Digital Cinema and HDTV conference in Spain, and, according to the guy who wrote TFN showed a preview of 3-D Star Wars to the crowd.

Meanwhile, Lightsabre posted the second part of their McCallum interview, including some interesting insights on George and the prequels.

Busy day in these parts


CIV: Is Sansweet dropping hints?

About a three quarters through the latest Force-Cast, Steve Sansweet says “we’ve got a guy that we’re bringing in who is an expert on Indiana Jones – in fact he sort of is Indy himself, in a way,” Real archeologist-type or someone far more familiar to fans? We’ll just have to wait and see… However, he does promise that “this is very much a Star Wars convention,” so don’t fear an Indy takeover.

There are a couple less vague CIV scoops as well – skip forward to about halfway through the podcast to hear them.