CIV: Is Sansweet dropping hints?

About a three quarters through the latest Force-Cast, Steve Sansweet says “we’ve got a guy that we’re bringing in who is an expert on Indiana Jones – in fact he sort of is Indy himself, in a way,” Real archeologist-type or someone far more familiar to fans? We’ll just have to wait and see… However, he does promise that “this is very much a Star Wars convention,” so don’t fear an Indy takeover.

There are a couple less vague CIV scoops as well – skip forward to about halfway through the podcast to hear them.

News: Panels, interview, ILM, and more

Full transcript from the Great To Be Nominated post-movie panel discussion. See how Pablo suffers so we might be properly informed?

Dutch fansite interviews Rick McCallum about his background in film, working with George, and of course, the TV shows.

Three-part BBC series on ILM concludes with a look at the people driving the effects and a photo gallery.

Carrie Fisher one of the judges on Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett’s On the Lot, a Hollywood-based reality show debuting in May.

The Force In The Flesh, a new book about Star Wars body art, will debut at Celebration. Doesn’t appear to be an official release, but certainly of interest to many fans.

Pre-order the Star Wars stamps now.

Bonnie Burton hosting ‘Make Your Own Yoda Doll’ workshop at Maker Faire.