Indiana Jones teaser delayed, Indy gaming to your phone.

While we were hoping to see the first teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull before the end of the year, word is that we probably won’t – Paramount isn’t quite ready yet. But to help stoke demand, they will put out a new teaser poster.

Also teasing Indy fans is the “revelation” of the roles for Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, and Jim Broadbent. Do they play friends? enemies? competitors? child sidekicks? armored polar bears? Find out at

THQ Wireless will be making a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull game next year to go along with the movie release. But that’s not all that THQ Wireless is going to be bringing to your phone – look for the Empire Strikes Back game (released last month), and a mobile version of The Force Unleashed. Then later on.. a second Indiana Jones title, to be tied with the Indy console game. Who needs an XBOX 360 when you really should get an N-Gage mobile gaming device. Why call people on your phone when you can use it to get Indy to the treasure or take down an AT-AT?

Indiana Jones and the Vanishing Photos

Ain’t It Cool News has had some hi-res pics up from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Indy on a street, Indy looking determined with his pistol and whip, and Indy and Shia LeBoeuf looking archaeological. The pics are still out there on the interwebs, apparently first appearing on the IMDB messageboards before AICN picked them up. Why look… they are still available here and here. But clicking here will only show you stuff from The Golden Compass.

Indiana Jones and the Cameo of Weirdness

Sighted: A possible spoiler cameo appearance in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Seen on movieweb, which has a guy at CinemaBlend scared, and the peeps at Moviehole thinking it’s a slow week in Hollywood. Is this rumor Close to home? Could it be that Indy Encounters this? Does the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull have absolutely nothing to do with the Soviets or the Third Reich? Would Spielberg and Lucas be so unkind?

And in other news, talks up the upcoming “Indiana Jones Heritage” trading card set, coming from Topps in early 2008 – going for a Retro feel to the cards highlighting the first three films, with autographs.

And the tour of Volume 2 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones continues with an in-depth look at Disc 2: Demons of Deception. Indy, as a courier and spy, witnesses the ongoing horror and futility of war in the Battle of Verdun, and then on leave tangles with Mata Hari in Paris. Documentary topics include the Battle of Verdun, Marshal P

Indiana Jones and the Random Bits of Indy News

Some random bits of news from the world of the adventuring archaeologist, Indiana Jones and …

  • The Walgreens of Doom? Shia LaBeouf arrested in Chicago for refusing to leave a Walgreens at 2:30 am.
  • The Sidekick from Beowulf? Ray Winstone talks to MTV Movies Blog about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, saying “It’s one hell of a story.”
  • The Website of Social Networking? Indy’s on Myspace.. and he’s a 26-year old Gemini?!
  • The Unpleasant Review? The Minneapolis Star Tribune gives a short review of the Young Indy DVD set: “None of this tinkering makes the episodes any less boring than I remember.” Wait for the later volumes, when there’s a little more action…
  • The Crossover Cameo? LEGO Indiana Jones makes a cameo in the new LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga game.
  • The Big Stack of Reading? Some of the Indiana Jones literature that is in the works to get you ready for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, including an omnibus set of comics from Dark Horse!
  • The Raiders of the Set? Thief pleads guilty for trying to sell items stolen from the set of Indy IV.
  • Indy IV wraps production.. in Fresno!

    According to this report by, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wrapped production this week, with some filming at Eagle Field near Fresno.

    …and in other Indy-news, the tour of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD Set, Volume 1 continues:

  • Disc Seven contains the episode “Journey of Radiance”, in which young Indy travels to India and encounters Theosophists, then journeys onto China, where he falls ill. The disc also includes documentaries on Jiddu Krishnamurti, Annie Besant, Chinese medicine, and Eastern spirituality.
  • Disc Eight contains the episode “Spring Break Adventures”, which has Indy first solving a mystery in Thomas Edison’s lab, then getting caught up in Mexico with Pancho Villa’s gang.
  • Disc Nine has six documentaries stemming from the episode “Spring Break Adventures”, including coverage on Thomas Edison, Edward Stratemeyer, Pancho Villa, John J. Pershing, andGeorge Patton.
  • Disc Ten contains the episode “Love’s Sweet Song”, covering Indy’s role in the Easter Rebellion in Ireland, then falling in love with a young suffragette in England (played by Elizabeth Hurley).

    Want to catch up on your Young Indy before the DVD release?

    Continue reading “Indy IV wraps production.. in Fresno!”

  • Indy IV rated most anticipated movie and more…

    A little round-up from the land of the bullwhip and fedora:

    • reports that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the most anticipated film to come out in the next twelve months. It tops the list for both men and women. Read more on
    • continues their tour of the Young Indiana Jones Volume 1 DVD set: Disc 5 contains 7 documentaries connecting to the episode, Perils of Cupid about Puccini, Freud and the Balkan Powder Keg. Disc 6 contains the episode, Travels with Father, where young Indy meets up with Leo Tolstoy in Russia and Nikos Kazantzakis in Greece, with extras on Russian writers and Greek philosophy. Also, an interview with Lloyd Owen, who portrayed Henry Jones, Sr. (before he grew into Sean Connery)
    • Someone’s got an Indiana Jones-inspired home theater system? Instead of an ark, the TV’s in the Well of Souls! Cables? I hate cables!
    • interviews Cate Blanchett on her upcoming movies, including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which apparently is just a big bar of chocolate. But is it dark chocolate?
    • get a chance to talk to Steven Spielberg on the Indy IV set.