Ford talks Indy 4

Yes again, to the Time Out London’s movie blog.

“Indiana Jones is going to be older,” Ford explained, “And the story will therefore take place in a different historical period of time. We are not going back to World War II and the Nazis but I think that it will be relatively the same type of tale – George’s special mix of Saturday matinee western serial and crypto-spiritual sort of stuff.”

Nothing really breaking, but a little insight into the process.

Meanwhile, TFN (in-between down periods) is reporting that Harrison Ford hates the internet.

Rick spills the beans

Rick McCallum loves to talk when he does anything with Empire Magazine.

A summary of what he said:
– The TV show will be set between Episodes III and IV, will be “much darker,” and “character based.” But we still have to wait about 18 months before that starts cranking.
– George’s movie Red Tails about World War II fighter pilots is in the script-writing phase.
– George has finally approved the IndyIV script. Maybe we’ll be able to do it before Harrison Ford is in a wheelchair!

See the full article here.

George to Harrison: Simmer down!

George Lucas responds to Harrison Ford’s Indy 4 comments. (Which everyone is calling an ‘ultimatium’. Sorry, but “If it doesn’t happen in the next two years we should all forget it” is not an ultimatium. Unless he was holding a weapon at the time.) According to MTV, Lucas says:

“We just keep working on it,” shrugged series writer/producer George Lucas. “You know, we just write and write and write and write and write. But we are getting closer, and hopefully this year we will have a start date and we will have a script that we all love and hopefully it will come out next year.” Lucas added that Jeff Nathanson (“Catch Me if You Can”) is the newest addition to a pile of screenwriters bigger than the Cairo swordsman’s weapon of choice.

So, you know, definitely maybe.