German police stop drunk-driving Yoda

The 42-year-old driver dressed as Yoda was returning home from a Halloween party early Sunday morning when he had a collison that “lightly” injured a pedestrian. The police caught him, confiscated his license, and made him walk home.

“The officers were especially surprised to see … Grand Master Yoda at the wheel,” said the statement from police in the city of Darmstadt, near Frankfurt in western Germany.

“The hapless Jedi returned home on foot,” said police. “In this case, the force was not with him.”

Perhaps next time he’ll be wise enough to enlist Obi-Wan as a designated driver.

Sunday funnies: Star Wars Halloween costumes for Community

It’s that time of year when TV shows make their annual Halloween episodes, and we see our beloved sitcom characters show off their awesome costume making abilities. NBC’s Community has done a couple Halloween episodes, and while the show is full of Star Wars references, we haven’t seen any full Star Wars costumes by the main cast during trick-or-treat season (Abed did channel a bit of Han Solo as his man-with-no-name gunslinger in the most recent paintball outing). So, if the folks at Greendale Community College had to go with Star Wars for their Halloween theme, which characters would they pick?

Here’s my picks for the main characters for Community:
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