Giveaway: Win a bottle of Carbonite nail polish

So I have another obsession: Nail polish. I’ve kept it off the blog because, well, it’s not usually relevant. Until now… Sort of. See, Revlon has a new shade called Carbonite.

Yes, seriously.

A bit of background: For the past few seasons, Revlon has been releasing ‘dupes’ – shades that are near matches – of the very expensive Chanel polishes. Carbonite resembles Graphite, which retails for $25. I found the Revlon for $3.99. Is it any wonder the dupes fly off the shelves?

But anyway… Since I found the polish for so cheap, I picked up a couple of extras, and I’m going to give them away to you. All you need to do is comment and tell me which Star Wars character you would like to see frozen in carbonite. (Nicely.) Two winners will be picked via a random number draw, and I’ll mail each a bottle of Revlon Carbonite — and maybe another polish or two.

If playing the numbers isn’t your game, or you have deep-grounded moral objections to freezing fictional people in liquid metal, Revlon Carbonite may be on your store shelves now.

Comments will be closed Sunday, August 7, and the winners will be notified on Monday.

EUbits: Quinlan Vos to appear in The Clone Wars?

Quinlan Vos making the jump to TV? Yakface spotted a Clone Wars action figure of the character, who was originally slated to appear (but didn’t) in the S1 episode ‘Bombad Jedi.’ Signs are good that Master Vos will finally get his day in the sun… Also curious? The character resembles Dave Filoni. Maybe we’ll see Vos play buddy cop with Plo Koon?

Speaking of comics… Techland has a two-part interview with Star Wars comic editors Randy Stradley and Dave Marshall. Part I covers Marvel and the early years of Dark Horse’s involvement with the franchise and what’s coming up; Part II goes into more detail with the process and challenges.

Upcoming. Dan Wallace and The Jedi Path are getting some buzz: He did a video tour of the book with EU and an interview with Techland.

Giveaway. Win Star Wars ABC and Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner’s Guide from The Detroit News’ Geek Watch blog.

And the Turn Coat winner is….

Remember our Turn Coat giveaway? Because to my shame I almost forgot about it myself. Alas, the first person whose number came up never responded, even after I found what I think was an alternate email, and by then it was the holiday weekend so I gave them some extra time, and then… I forgot. My bad.

So I did another dip into, and this time, it was commentator #8, Mandy!


She responded to my message within minutes, and so the book is off to her! Congratulations, Mandy!

Giveaway: Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

Actual copy of book in questionSo, I come to find myself in possession of a copy of Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat, the latest Dresden Files novel. Butcher is a big favorite of many Jaders, and while I do mean to try the series eventually, I don’t think the eleventh book is the best place to start. So instead: Giveaway!

All you have to do to be in the running is answer one measly question here: Much like the Invincible one we last year, the winner will be decided by the mystical power of the random number generator.

As for that question… Well, I’ve decided, in the interest of fairness, that I should probably try at least one of those wildly popular urban fantasy books that have been spreading through the genre like wildfire. The problem is that aside from Butcher and Laurel K. Hamilton (been there, done that, not impressed) I really don’t have a clue as to where to start. So… I’m asking you guys to rec me some. Who’s your favorite novel-bound demon-slayer/werewolf-hunter/vampire-screwer? I eagerly (gulp) await your input. Convince me!

Comments on this entry will close Monday, June 29th at midnight Eastern time.

Fine print: U.S./Canada only, please. Use a valid e-mail address and NO SPOILERS. Only one comment per person – and be aware that if you haven’t commented on before, your entry will have to be approved before it appears. (We reserve the right to reject inappropriate comments.) All entries will be approved before is consulted. The winner will be contacted on June 29th, and must reply before July 1st or another will be chosen. Direct questions to If we get a lot of comments… I will read and review Twilight. Seriously.

What I have read and enjoyed: Dean’s Tam Lin, Bull’s War for the Oaks, and Windling’s The Wood Wife. I seem to be incapable of getting into de Lint. Not exactly the leather-butt ladies crowding today’s shelves, though I did make it through two of Lackey’s Tregarde books with a shrug.

ETA: If you haven’t read any other urban fantasy, then give me one reason to start reading the Dresden Files ASAP.