Dark Horse teams up Star Wars, Firefly and Zack Whedon for Free Comic Book Day

No, it’s not a crossover, sadly. But you do get two-in-one: A Han and Chewbacca story shares a flip book with the Serenity folks, both tales penned by Zack Whedon (he co-wrote Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog with brothers Joss and Jed.) And Dark Horse will offer another flip book with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Guild. (via)

Free Comic Book is, as always, the first Saturday in May: This year, that means May 5, 2012. You’ll be able to find a participating comic shop near you with the Comic Shop Locator.

Can fans help Nathan Fillion buy Firefly rights?

Oh, Nathan Fillion, you should know better than to put something out there as tantalizing as a wish to buy the rights to Firefly.

Just a few days back, he made a comment to Entertainment Weekly that he’d happily buy the rights to Firefly and put new content on the internet if he won $300 milion in the lottery. Now that same wacky spirit that helped the Browncoats get a movie made out of a cancelled series is pulling together to raise the funds. (Smartly, no actual funds are being collected. They have learned from past Trek-related disasters.)

As Entertainment Weekly rightly points out, even if folks could raise the funds, it would be difficult to convince 20th Century Fox to let go of the rights. And then there’s the whole “gettin’ the band back together” problem.

But still. Nearly everyone in the cast and production team have a mighty love for the franchise. And it’s hard to tell a Browncoat something can’t be done. They might be just the people to figure out how to pull off a mass funding of a television/movie production. Ya just never know.

Wouldn’t that be shiny?

The fandom minute: Firefly’s hidden Hans

Han Solo in Firefly? It’s true! There is proof! Amy spots a Han in Carbonite figure in several episodes. Can you find the rest? Break out the DVDs!

Video. Harry Shum Jr. (of Glee) made a fanfilm. Or something. It has lightsabers, anyway.

Hmm… Take a Star Wars detox? I can’t deny it has some temptations. Think of all the Law and Order reruns we could watch!

At random. Vader’s tombstone and Charlie Brown as Luke Skywalker.

Something shiny for the Serenity fans out there

Not only did the fifty-six page Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale hit comic book stores last week (and mine is on back order), delving into Book’s past, everyone in the ‘Verse get a small treat this week: Dark Horse and USA Today have an 8-page comic, Serenity: Downtime up – today just has the first four pages, but the story will continue tomorrow. Joss and Zack Whedon scripted the book on Shepherd Book, while Zack flies solo with the story for ‘Downtime’.