Syfy brings a triple dose of Christmas cheer with Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Haven?!

Eureka and Warehouse 13 are returning for another round of holiday warm fuzzy episodes tonight on Syfy, and Haven is joining them with its first Christmas episode as well. Eureka ends up animated (in multiple styles from stopmotion to anime, no less) with snowman ninjas, polar bears, and more. Warehouse 13 gives agent Pete Lattimer the It’s a Wonderful Life treatment (Don’t worry about how this fits with the season 3 ending!). And Christmas comes to the weird town of Haven — in the middle of summer.

And being Syfy, there’s also some holiday specials from their other staples: Ghost Hunters on December 7, and an original movie on December 10: Snowmageddon. Over Christmas, the channel will be running marathons of several shows, including Merlin and Being Human, while they will ring in 2012 with their annual marathon of Twilight Zone.

On TV: Warehouse 13, Leverage renewed, new Thrones characters, and more

Fresh off the heels of killing, renewing, and really killing Eureka, SyFy has renewed its most watched series, Warehouse 13 for a fourth season in 2012. Entertainment Weekly discusses Syfy’s image post-Eureka, and announced a fifth season of Leverage on TNT. Also not axed yet: Syfy had to quash rumors that its new superhuman show, Alphas, had been canned.

Can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones? Check out these three new character castings on Blastr. Or check out this tribute video: (Warning: NSFW!)

SyFy cancels Eureka, plays bait-and-switch

After Twitter exploded with rage that Eureka was being cancelled last week, The Wrestling Channel SyFy announced that they were giving them six episodes to wrap up the series, next year. Apparently, they have now changed their minds.

Wil Wheaton, who has been playing the hilariously petty Dr. Parrish on the show, wrote up his reaction on his blog. And here’s a round-up of the fan and cast reactions.

After the way they played Stargate fans, you’d think SyFy would have learned how to better break up with a show.