Lucasfilm loses appeal in U.K. over helmets

Lucasfilm had one of those up and down days in the UK courts. 

They lost their appeal of a prior rejection in the UK courts against Andrew Ainsworth and his stormtrooper helmet replicas.  In short, the stormtrooper helmets were considered to be utilitarian and not artistic (since they were used as a costume for a movie), so the “antiquated” UK copyright laws did not apply.

But, on the upside, Bloomberg says that this has established that companies can sue to enforce copyrights held in other countries. Corporate lawyers everywhere rejoice.

Today’s awful thing: The ‘sexy’ Chewbacca costume

George Lucas gonna sue somebody!

It’s a known fact that Halloween brings a brigade of cheap, ill thought out, hilariously ‘sexy’ character costumes for ladies. (News? Learn from Cleolinda, my friend.) Previously, we hoped that maybe it couldn’t get much worse than Sexy Optimus Prime.

We were wrong. Behold: The Sexy Chewbacca. calls it the ‘Sci-Fi Furry Costume,’ like that’s any better. I don’t think it’s quite enough to not get their nearly-bare butts sued… (It saddens me that I know this – thanks, Internet! – but that girl is showing far too much skin to be an actual furry.)

Also in the offering is a ‘Sci-Fi Commander’ and ‘White Soldier,’ but been there, done that.

On the other hand… At least it’s not yet another slave Leia? (via)

Lucasfilm C&Ds makers of ‘real lightsaber’

It BURNS FLESH. No thanks.The makers don’t call it a lightsaber (though the internet certainly does) but the Spyder III Arctic laser certainly looks like one, and that’s prompted Lucasfilm to send the Hong Kong company Wicked Lasers a cease and desist.

I’m no lawyer, but the appearance of the laser is pretty blatantly inspired by its fictional forbearer. And anything that might keep “the most dangerous laser ever created” out of the hands of stupid geeks is fine by me.