New Ostrander series deals with origin of the Jedi

Dawn Of The Jedi “will start at the beginning of the Star Wars timeline with the very beginning of the Jedi Knights, in a time before light sabres when they only fought with swords,” Bleeding Cool reports.

There are more details, including an interview with Ostrander and Jan Duursema, on Comic Book Resources.

Also coming are a new Knights of the Old Republic series, War! starring Zayne Carrick and written by John Jackson Miller. There’s also a Darth Vader mini and something called “Boba Fett Is Dead.” I expect we’ll hear more about all this as NYCC continues.

The fandom minute: A Boba Fett movie? Really?

Oh, it’s you. Joe Johnston, the director of Captain America, wants to make a film about Boba Fett. Boba Fett? Boba Fett? I am disappoint. Good luck with that one, fanboy.

Some people have too much money. Meet the Star Wars Lamborghini.

Lists. Robert Lockard has five things that the prequels did right.

Artoo the Giant. Giant R2-D2 is made out of cardboard and… Tinfoil? Duct tape? I hope they didn’t leave him out in the rain.

Wacky things on the Wookieepedia. Unidentified head-bumping stormtrooper. Of course.

Your moment of zen. Darth takes a holiday.

The fandom minute: Pay tribute to Sansweet

Photo courtesy of Matt Hofmann.

The folks need our help. They’re creating a retrospective of fan photos with Steve Sansweet. (You know you’ve got ’em.) It’s as simple as finding and/or scanning your pictures, uploading them to your (free) Flickr account, and adding them to the group Steve Sansweet & You.

Speaking of Steve… He featured a Jader creation as one of his Facebook picks of the week: Chris Cassidy’s Tickle Me Emperor.

Customs. Sillof’s latest action figure set reimagines Star Wars in the old west. Cowboys! Indians! Bartenders!

Fun on Hoth. The snow here in Detroit is melting as I type, but a few weeks back we had more than enough for Sweet Juniper’s Jim and his kids to create a snow wampa and taun taun.

Ask Metafilter. Why is Boba Fett so popular? I don’t know or particularly care, but I’ll hazard one guess: Fanboys.

Crafty corner. The Han in Carbonite throw pillow.