Classic Doctor Who coming to BBC America, BSG Blood & Chrome coming to Syfy

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As part of the build-up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC America will be airing some classic Doctor Who story arcs, starting tonight (January 27)! Catch up with the First Doctor in ‘The Aztecs’ after the first in a series of specials on all the Doctors (The Doctors Revisited) at 9 pm Eastern. This classic Who will have to hold us over until our current Doctor returns, with his new Companion, on March 30.

Also, the webseries Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome will finally be airing on TV: Syfy will be airing it on February 10 with scenes not available in the online version. Then it will be put out on video on Feb 19. A prequel to the Syfy series that had trouble finding an outlet, Blood & Chrome focuses on a young William Adama during the Cylon War.Doctor Who - first Doctor

Leaked ‘trailer’ gets Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome plenty of buzz, but Syfy doesn’t want it on TV

A trailer for the upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel series, Blood and Chrome appeared online earlier this week, but now it appears that the show, focusing on a young William Adama in the first Cylon war, isn’t going much further than being an online offering from Syfy, reports io9. Well, we might get the pilot shown on TV, but probably nothing else.

What’s up with the action-packed trailer? We get a lot of space battles, some gunfights and other action-y type special effects scenes, which seem to indicate that Blood and Chrome might be more action-oriented rather than the drama that BSG was. Deadline Hollywood reports that it was an unauthorized teaser that ended up being shown at WonderCon this past weekend, by BSG’s scientific adviser, Kevin Grazier. After appearing online, the teaser drew a lot of interest, as well as criticism, especially over the lack of a Bear McCreary soundtrack and recycling the Trent Reznor/Karen O cover of Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ from the The Girl who fell facefirst into a tackle box With the Dragon Tattoo teaser. Someone else had already parodied that trailer, but didn’t bother with music rights: the Muppets.

Anyway, with the unauthorized teaser hitting the interwebs, NBCUniversal’s SyFy jumped out to put the cork back on the bottle, and started zapping it on YouTube (oops on unlicensed music!), and repeated that the show is not destined for TV beyond the 90-minute pilot. Looks like the show hit bingo fuel.

Or as Admiral William Ackbara might say: “It’s a frak!”