Gate Geek – This n’ That

Tonight’s episode of Stargate Universe is Earth.  The cast are all a-Twitter about it; calling it one of their favorite episodes to shoot.  Joe Mallozzi says that Telford finally plays his hand.  (I am highly suspect of that character.)

In related news, another interview with actor David Blue who is doing his first con ever this weekend.  Be kind to him, UK!  (I always hear good things about Chevron, though.  I bet he’ll have a great time.)

By the way, have you been watching the Kino segments on the official site?  Intriguing stuff.

And finally, the lovely, charming and much-beloved Amanda Tapping has started a new charity drive called Sanctuary for Kids.  (Get it?  She stars in Sanctuary.  Sanctuary for kids?)  And to kick it off, there’s a really cool auction (just in time for your holiday gift-giving).

Gate Geek – Let there be Light

Stargate Universe is back tonight with the episode “Light.”  (As opposed to last week’s episode, “Darkness.”  Seeing a pattern?) 

Ratings were down 14%, but it was considered to be okay as it was in competition with baseball and a new horror film.  We’ll see if they’ll still be happy if the ratings are that way this week; although I think there’s more baseball.  Still, November will be critical as Dollhouse will be off the air.  I think they’ll be expected to gather some eyes from that audience.

At any rate, one of the more interesting parts of SGU are the Kino diaries.  The Official Site is now starting to post them.

In other Stargate news, Atlantis won two Gemini Awards.  One for makeup in the episode “Vegas,” and the other for writing in “The Shrine.”  (One of my favorite episodes ever.)  SG1 alum Amanda Tapping’s series Sanctuary won for VFX.

And finally, as reported on our Twitter feed, Jason Momoa will be in HBO’s Game of Thrones series.  (Women everywhere rejoice.  Nude scene!)

Gate Geek – Universe Premiere and Other Tidbits

Gate Geek – Jack’s Back!

This week is the biggest Stargate convention of the year:  Creation’s Stargate con in Vancouver.  So it stands to reason we’ll be getting lots of fun tidbits via GateWorld.

Best of all is the news from producer Brad Wright that Jack (Richard Dean Anderson) will be appearing in Stargate Universe!

Gary Jones has also confirmed that everyone’s favorite Chevron-counter, Walter, will be appearing. 

And rumors (totally con-based rumors…and you know how those get) are swirling that Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) and Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) are also appearing because they suddenly had to push back their appearance at the con for filming.  (Probably have to nix at least Amanda on that one.  Sanctuary is currently in production.  And Michael is doing a pilot.  But I’ll take it, if it’s true!)

Either way, you can catch all of these folks tonight (Friday) on Sci-Fi SyFy as Stargate takes over this Friday with airings of The Ark of Truth and Continuum.  (If you haven’t seen Continuum, watch.  It’s a really good one!)