Steve Sansweet is retiring from LFL

Today, has broken the news that Steve Sansweet will be leaving Lucasfilm in April 2011. We’ve always been great fans of Steve, so I feel pretty safe in saying that all of Club Jade might be shedding a tear or two in tribute come spring.

He’s not stepping away from Star Wars entirely: “I intend to remain actively engaged with Star Wars and fandom,” he says. We’ll be sad to see him go, but I’ve no doubt that Steve will flourish.

7 Replies to “Steve Sansweet is retiring from LFL”

  1. Hopefully this will just mean his Star Wars craziness goes to a new level when he doesn’t have to do work on top of his fandom.

  2. And two things:
    1. Who is organizing the fan send-off/tribute?
    2. I think it’s kinda giggle-worthy that we in fandom are reacting as if this is a death announcement.

    But, then again, this does make me a little sad.

  3. sad news BUT he still has 6 months to bring us all kind of amazing news, books and announcements. I think we’ll be seeing more creative Star Wars product from Steve, once he’s away from his ‘day job’, and if he isn’t at future Celebrations I’ll eat Dave Filoni’s hat.

  4. Aww…I’m sorry to hear he’s leaving. Hopefully he’ll still be involved on the SW front, even if he’s not on the payroll.

  5. Wow…I am sad to hear he is leaving Lucasfilm but now he will have a lot more time to play with his toys! I hope we can see him unofficially at cons too! Will miss you Sweetie!

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