Stargate Atlantis Friday!

Oh, won’t you be pleased when the new season of Stargate Atlantis finally gets going tonight? (10pm, Eastern, on SciFi) The roar of pre-season media hype will soon settle and help to keep down my geeky posts. But Club Jade stupidly said I could post on Stargate, so far be it from me to shirk my responsibilities.

Today’s nifty Stargate news:
Great GateWorld interview with Tori Higginson about the Season 4 changes. (Don’t read, if you haven’t already heard.) Bottom line? Don’t be a hater, people.
David Hewlett talks about the joys of working with beautiful women and productions of the film and human kind
– More from Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite on their move to SGA.

Again. A wee bit spoilery, but nothing new if you’ve been watching the internet at all.