Star Wars: Frames is finally coming out

The product we love to mock – the George-selected fancy screenshot set Star Wars: Frames – is finally going into production. Wired has video.

And for only $3,000! (The set was earlier reported to be priced at $5,000-$4,000.) Granted, the book does look interesting, but at that price! Ouch.

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  1. Ha ha I love all of George’s chums and employee’s singing his praises. Massively expensive book end!

  2. I want, want, want. ::whimper::

    The few frames they show in this video look stunning. And hand-sewn books with an inlaid case? I can see why the price went up there.

    I’m sure there are 1,138 collectors in the world who can easily afford this one and they’ll be gone in a minute. Maybe they’ll let someone drool over them?

    I wouldn’t complain if they released a lower quality version….

  3. That’s amazing. It would be really nice to be able to really look at frames in detail, when they’re not flying by at multiple frames a second.

    I say I would buy this book in an instant if I could, but I dunno…I don’t even own all six DVD’s.

    The local library probably won’t get a copy of this, though.

  4. Paula: Wired’s text and video both say the edition size is still 1,138 copies. Where’d you see 500?

    Amaranthine: The only library getting a copy of this anytime soon will probably be LFL’s own. Or maybe George will send one to USC.

  5. I didn’t truly understand how MASSIVE this thing is until I saw it at C5. Frakking huge.

    The price is well outside my budget. If they released a version in the $100 range I’d consider it.

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