3 Replies to “Speaking of breakfast…”

  1. (Referring to Luke) “To top things off, he has Aunt Beru’s haircut from the first film”

    LOL! Sometimes you don’t notice the obvious until someone slaps you in the face with it.

    This was a painful review at best, and yeah… a big blast from the past. Ouch. Even more painful is that I have to agree with a lot of it.

    Sorry about your mum :(

  2. I had an issue of that mag with a reprint of this in it ages and ages ago… Honestly I think it’s pretty tounge in cheek, in an angry fanboy sort of way.

    And my mum is neither dead nor an Ewok. ;)

  3. Heh – I was being tongue and cheek too. The article must’ve inspired me :D

    Love Film Threat just the same, especially for all their glorious snarkiness.

    Glad your mum’s okay.. and not really short and furry.

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