Something shiny for the Serenity fans out there

Not only did the fifty-six page Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale hit comic book stores last week (and mine is on back order), delving into Book’s past, everyone in the ‘Verse get a small treat this week: Dark Horse and USA Today have an 8-page comic, Serenity: Downtime up – today just has the first four pages, but the story will continue tomorrow. Joss and Zack Whedon scripted the book on Shepherd Book, while Zack flies solo with the story for ‘Downtime’.

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  1. What a great treat! Zach has been doing a lot more storying for the Firefly comics, right? It will be interesting to see what direction he takes us in!

  2. Really liking the art on Downtime. It’s got a good style to it and captures the likenesses of the actors better than most of the Serenity comics stuff, I think. Haven’t gotten to The Shepard’s Tale yet, and frankly I’m all sorts of sad-face about it.

  3. Because I haven’t read it yet, jawajames. Because I haven’t read it yet.

    Actually, while I’m sure that I’ll enjoy the book, I have to admit that I’m conflicted on the whole idea of learning Book’s backstory. I always liked the idea of it being some deep, dark unknown and staying that way. Whedon even made a nod to there never being a reveal in Serenity when Book flat out tells Mal that he doesn’t have to tell anyone anything about himself. I know that there’s a big chunk of every fandom that is all about ferreting out every little mystery and teasing out every little plot thread. I like there to be some mystery in place though. I like to speculate on my own and know that speculation is all that it will ever be. I don’t have to have resolution to the mystery that is Book’s past, and so I’m a little bit torn between my desire for anything Firefly that Joss and Co. can throw at me and my knowledge that I’ll almost invariably like my personal scenarios better. It’s one of the unfortunate trials of being a fan of a developing franchise–even one that develops as slowly as Firefly.

  4. ah… it’s like Yoda’s past – some things should just remain a mystery. Well, you always have the option to avoid it — or in River’s words, “Keep on walkin’ preacher man.”

    I’m not sure it was meant to be a mystery forever – i’m sure if the show had a chance to continue, they would have poked around in Book’s past, since it was so clearly set up as a mystery. Sooner or later, his past would catch up to him.

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