Saturday morning poll: Star Trek edition

Bathrobe!Jumpsuit Kirk implores you to see his movie.

With an insanely positive spread of critical reviews and even crazier accolades from genre fans, J.J. Abram’s Trek reboot looks on track to make some serious bank at box office this weekend. (Who says moms don’t like Star Trek?) But what did you think? Vote under the cut or on the sidebar.

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6 Replies to “Saturday morning poll: Star Trek edition”

  1. I hope it makes people more curious about the Original Series, which is my favourite. I enjoyed the film immensely.

  2. Went in super skeptical, came out super happy. I’m deeply impressed in pretty much every way. IMHO, this is exactly what ST needed.

  3. I was very happy to be wrong about all my worries and fell in love with Star Trek all over again. :)

  4. I just think what they’ve done pleases everone, because it honours the original series and the continuity but does a classic Trek concept – time travel, but doesn’t hit the reset button at the end of the flick.
    Brilliant concept, JJ Abrams now has the coolest sandbox and all the best toys but doens’t have to worry about contradicting anythiing but his own storylines.

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