Sanctuary Offered Here

The new “TV show that won’t be shown on TV,” Sanctuary, has opened up its official website for business with a new two-minute trailer previewing the show.

The show stars Amanda Tapping, best known to Stargate fans as Samantha Carter. There are also guest appearances and/or cameos by several Stargate regulars, including David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, Chuck Campbell, Dan Payne and Peter DeLuise. It has been described as a cross between “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “X-Men.”

There are loads of nifty things to play with for those with the artistic bent; including greenscreen versions to “mash up” and other artwork. You can also image capture their video with their player and have fun with that, as well.

I’ve gotten to beta test the site and there’s a lot to enjoy. Go check it out!