S-Foils into attack position: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

A pinch of New York Comic Com, a dash of Star Wars Angry Birds, a few stray secrets… And our usual selection of Star Wars life, the Expanded Universe, and snark below the cut.

Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 8-14

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This cab ride is the equivalent of the Death Star trench run. I swear to god we just locked S-Foil’s into the attack position.Mandy
My childhood would have been that much less confusing if George Lucas hadn’t named one planet "Tattooine" and another "Dantooine."Lore Sjöberg
Getting hammered with an old friend. #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/85GQuEdBPablo Hidalgo
Someone needs to find out a way to combine my love of Star Wars with my hatred of Star Wars.John Gholson
You’d think that by the 6th Star Wars, the Storm Troopers’ union would have done something about their shitty armor.Carbosly
I think it’s unfair how the Death Star accounts department weren’t represented in the Star Wars films. They’d have had a tough job.Dave Twentyman
Lando wants to know why he didn’t get a Mrs. Lando like in the concept art. http://pic.twitter.com/IZzcqVYjJennifer Heddle
"Only a Sith deals in absolutes" kinda loses something when the Sith are all kinda existing in moral grey areas in the prequels.Marigold Fleur
In the event of a water landing, Cloud City can be used as a flotation device.John Jackson Miller
If I had a time machine forget killing Hitler, I’m buying original Star Wars figures.Bad Bad Leeroy Brown
The Star Wars themed vanity plate just wasn’t enough. He needed the Kenobi bumper sticker to really set it off http://pic.twitter.com/uE2448vsDave McMenamin
You know, if LucasArts did a Kickstarter for a modernized version of X-WING and/or TIE FIGHTER, I think nerds would just die of joy.ChristoFEAR Bird
Also the nerds would ignore the inherent ethical problem of a massive corporation basically abusing an indie funding tool. Because: nerds.ChristoFEAR Bird

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars is easy, just aim the bird down the exhaust port to the main reactor…HAL 9000
I hope George Lucas merges American Graffiti with Angry Birds. I love that movie but always felt it was lacking in the feather department.Alan
My 3 year old is marching through the house "I want Angry Bird Star Wars"Erick Erickson
I think it’s bizarre that — at this late date — ppl are really that pissed about Star Wars Angry Birds. Did you not see the prequels?Matt Helgeson
With all this talk & toys of #AngryBirdsStarWars I can’t help but think on some level Piggy/ Voort is at least mildly offended. #SWEUKay


#SWEU fun tip: Like Dr. Hibbert, imagine Lando’s hairstyle changing to what would’ve been cliche compared to where book occurs vs. ’77.Pablo Hidalgo
Outlining the Star Wars book and I have to stop periodically to squee. Can’t believe I get to work with these characters. So much fun!Kevin Hearne
Repeat after me, #SWEU fans: George doesn’t care about the EU. The sooner we all accept this, the happier we’ll be. :)Nancipants
So many character-driven #SWEU novels are coming in the next year or so. This is exactly the direction I hoped the EU would goBrian
Love the new Crucible cover. Never cared much for the original. #SWEU @DelReyStarWarsAustin
I would like to learn to swear in Old High Gammorrese. #SWEUAaron Goins
I read "The EU won the Nobel Peace Prize" and think, "Vader will not be pleased." #ExpandedUniverseonthebrainPaul S. Kemp
The EU won the Nobel Peace Prize? Does that include the New Jedi Order?YZ Freedman


Locked in a safe in a vault in an unmarked building owned by George Lucas is the script for Episode 7: Electric Boogaloo. #StarWarsSecretsScott Anglemyer
The Empire was supposed to win but test audiences preferred a happy ending even though some said it felt “Forced” #StarWarsSecretsMy Vogon Poetry
#StarWarsSecrets It is really Darth Vadar who kidnaps Liam Neeson’s family in Taken and Taken 2Tanya
#StarWarsSecrets There is a statuette of a bird hidden somewhere on board the Millennium Falcon.Creepy L Wierdly
Han Solo got his nickname from his rock guitarist career with the Cantina Band #StarWarsSecretsBrent
Leia’s original hair doubled as a radar array. #StarWarsSecretsEarl Fando

Star Wars life

An hour arguing with 5-year-olds about whether Clone Wars animators draw Kenny Baker first or the R2 they put him in #neverrevealthemagicMichael Jones
Let’s give another shout-out to the Star Wars calendar folks who picked a great Monday picture: Lando inviting Han and Leia to their doom.rosiewook
That moment when you realize every time you go to type ‘hut’ you end up typing ‘Hutt’ #StarWarsBrian
My 4yr old daughter is wearing a Star Wars pillowcase and a sombrero in case you were wondering if I had earned my #1 Dad coffee mug today.Seagull Charlie
I just had a legitimate discussion about Star Wars with a beautiful girl. All is right with the world.Nick Clay
Just referenced Hoth in a conversation. No one got it. I got some strange looks though #starwarsMcKenna
In Seattle, at the first ever Starbucks, where two girls at the bar are arguing about Star Wars. I’M NEVER LEAVING THIS PLACE.David Pierce


I was once told that a work of art isnt finished until you’ve ruined it. I suppose that means Star wars is complete forever.Forge
Pitching Lucasfilm a new Star Wars character who invents, tries to master light-nunchuks. Meet Darth Stumpy.Jeff Alexander
Ridley Scott is trying to retroactively ruin Blade Runner by linking it to Prometheus. "Game on," says George Lucas.Blake Northcott
I’ve been hearing a lot about Cloud Atlas lately. Is that a map of Bespin or something? #StarWars #nerdhumorEric Song
I kind of want an army of George Lucas clones to rampage, so that newscasters can dramatically say "The George Lucii are still at large."Tiger Bailey

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  1. I completely get the hut/Hutt issue. Whenever I’m trying to write cookie, I end up writing cookiee instead.

  2. Aaron, I think I might actually do that too…guess there was a second half to that tweet that I didn’t even realize until now.

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