Report: Star Wars to take over Disneyland’s Tomorrowland?

Vader at Disneyland.

Disney fan site MiceChat is reporting that Disneyland’s Tomorrowland area – home of California’s Star Tours – might be going the full Star Wars.

The site details a Board of Directors meeting held at the park, mentioning a “Star Wars themed makeover” for Tomorrowland, while renovations at Florida’s Hollywood Studios would be “more modest” but include “some of the same Star Wars concepts” as the California Tomorrowland.

EDIT: The Disney and More blog reports that Star Tours at both Anaheim and Orlando will receive updates in 2015 for the release of Episode VII. Furious Fanboys talks a little more about how they can integrate new content for the attraction, and hints at an Alderaan destination.

An earlier rumor claims that the renovations in Florida will be huge, perhaps the biggest in theme park history. Was the Florida report oversold, or will the changes in California be even bigger?

For details, MiceChat mentions a “speeder bike coaster concept” in place of a planned Tron redo on the old PeopleMover attraction.

However, they do stress that it doesn’t look like any of this will be ready to be annouced at D23 Expo in August, so any confirmation of the various rumors may be a long time coming.

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  1. Oh man. I remember when they tried replacing the People Mover with a high-speed attraction at Disneyland. I think it was called Rocket Rods? It ran for a couple years but wound up getting 86’d because they just could not keep it running more than a day or two without a major malfunction taking it down for a week or more.

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