8 Replies to “Rate The Clone Wars’ TV debut!”

  1. I’m having trouble figuring out what the intended audience is. The humor is generally at a 7-year-old level or so, but then they go kill some clones via explosive decompression.

    But in general, I liked it. Graeston put it quite well, I think.

    I loved the sense of scale when the two CIS crusiers intercepted Yoda.

    I love how the EMP device appears as a slowly expanding disc flying through space at a rapid-but-not-all-that-rapid speed. And by “love” I mean “am bugged by.” Heck, they must’ve alREADY been pushing lightspeed even before jumping.

    But wait, I guess maybe it’s not technically an EMP device. Probably… erm… plasma. Yeah, plasma. The catch-all solution to light physics problems.


  2. well having not seen it here in the UK – yet – I’m encouraged by the words so far.
    also interested to know what the LFL folk think of the reaction to it, if that makes any sense?

  3. I recorded it because my kids (4&7) wanted to watch it so I watched it with them. Both episodes they stopped caring around the 12 minute mark. Totally not into it. They are avid TV watchers and the 7 year old is learning to play Force Unleashed, she plays Star Wars LEGO, so she’s the audience. Totally did not care. I however watched both and thought they were alright. Plo Koon is a great character, exploring the clones as individuals is great. Just please stop making the battle droids talk. I find it hard to believe the Seperatists would have such a grip on the galaxy with an army full of Marx Brothers.

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