Poll: Your Star Wars focus

Do you buy as much Star Wars stuff as you can afford? Do you spend several hours a week arguing with other fans? Reading the books and analyzing ever last detail? (Sometimes before the thing is even out?) Reading or writing fanfic? Drawing fanart? Reproducing costumes? Are you planning on taking time off work in September so you can give The Force Unleashed your full attention?

What are your fannish foci? Pick your poisons under the cut or on the sidebar.

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6 Replies to “Poll: Your Star Wars focus”

  1. I was talking to a 9-year-old about Star Wars the other day and he knew a surprising amount just from being obsessed with Battlefront. But I felt like a WWII history buff concerned that too many kids were getting their world history from flawed videogames.

  2. Why is “Books and comics” separated from “Collecting”?
    I have been collecting books (fiction and non-fiction), graphic novels, annuals, and some comics since 1991 and consider myself a “collector”.
    Just because I don’t buy action figures, lego sets, memoriabilia, or whatever other bantha fodder is available, I cannot be classed as a collector!! Aaaahhhh!!

  3. …You can pick both.

    Collecting is about simply owning (and admiring) items, while books are more about information… And you don’t need to buy them to get that, due to libraries and things. Theoretically, you don’t need to spend a single cent to be obsessed with the books.

    So yes, while books (and comics, certainly) can go under collecting, that’s not their primary purpose. And considering the focus and readership of this site, I’m not lumping the two together.

  4. Fan fiction. Even watching the movies and reading the books and comics often take a backseat to reading and writing fanfic. I’m an obsessive little thing. :p

  5. I picked collecting because I get Star Wars Lego sets, which aren’t comic books. I stopped buying books a decade or so ago. Probably need the Cliff Notes versions at some point. They just ended up being really poorly written.

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