Poll: Sitting Ducks of the Expanded Universe

IMAGE: Poll resultsLast week’s poll asked what clearly doomed EU character is the least likely to survive their series. And the verdict is… Ahsoka Tano with 45 votes, even though The Clone Wars series hasn’t even started yet! Can’t say I’m surprised: That girl has had cannon fodder written all over her from day one. Coming in second (29 votes) is Darth Caedus of Legacy of the Force. The end of Caedus is almost certain, although you’ll note I didn’t mention Jacen Solo… Rounding out the back is Ferus Olin of the Last of the Jedi series with 21 votes. I found that surprising, due to that everyone I’ve known who actually reads those books seems to hate him… And he’s going up against Darth Vader, come on!

This week’s poll is about participation in the official site’s now-defunct What’s the Story feature, which allowed regular-joe fans to add a bit to Star Wars canon.

4 Replies to “Poll: Sitting Ducks of the Expanded Universe”

  1. Oh, I totally think Ferus is doomed. I just had to make a choice between Ferus and Ahsoka.

    And I actually kinda like Ferus. Didn’t realize he was unliked. Poor guy.

  2. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say they’re pretty much ALL doomed. It’s like trying to pick the victim of a plane crash – it’s gonna be a miracle if ANY of them make it.

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