Poll: Indy IV smashes all competition

IMAGE: Pie Chart! The poll closed at midnight yesterday, and what 132 CJ readers are looking forward to the most for this year is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Indy IV took an early lead and stayed the top pick all week, ending with 53 votes. The Clone Wars finished second, with 34 votes, closely followed by the finale of Legacy of the Force with 31 votes. And The Force Unleashed takes up the rear, with only 11 votes.

Be sure to vote in the new poll, What did you think of Legacy of the Force: Revelation? It will run through March 9th.

4 Replies to “Poll: Indy IV smashes all competition”

  1. I’m actually kind of surprised LOTF and TCW stayed neck and neck as long as they did. And poor, poor, TFU… do you think this means I can slack off on the game reportage? :D

  2. I think it’s more our audience. We’re just not a gaming site. Now, if SW.com or TFN did it, you’d probably see TFU in at least #3.

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