Repaying a debt to the master

As the deadline to vote for your favorite Star Wars Fan Film approaches, Wired magazine sits down with Trey Stokes, director of fan film Pink Five Strikes Back, who credits Star Wars with inspiring him to go to film school and become a visual effects supervisor. The article takes a look at how fan films have proliferated over the past few years, and it notes that Lucasfilm’s response to the growing “art form” — giving fan films a distribution outlet and a stamp of approval — is unusual for a production company.

Buffy, Feminism and… the Pope?

No, I’m not kidding. This article from Commonweal magazine, which appeared in November 2003, examines the “new feminism” championed by Pope John Paul II and the ways in which the author believes it falls short. In what I think is a terrific example of the theory that a fan can make anything relate to the fandom, Notre Dame professor Cathleen Kaveny argues that the pope’s conception of the role of women could benefit from a few Buffy viewings:

Why is Buffy an important interlocutor for the “new feminism” inspired by John Paul II? Because the two have enough in common for the discussion to be fruitful. The pope rejects sexism, as well as both “sameness” and “separatist” feminism, for the same basic reason: they undermine the dignity of women because they are untrue to the complex reality of the nature and situation of women. So does Buffy, but with snappier dialogue and better clothes.

Agree or disagree, it’s food for thought.

Fan Club Syncs Up

Those of you who have been, well, a bit put off by the timing of your Hyperspace online subscription and the new Hyperspace combined magazine/online subscription will be happy to know that things have been adjusted.

You can now renew your Hyperspace membership and get everything you paid for.

Let’s hear it for listening to the fans!

Big Damn Heros

Filming started on Joss Whedon’s Serenity a few weeks ago – keep up with the cast and screw via the official on-set weblog. But that’s no even the first set ‘leak’ – cast and crew have been posting all over the fan sites, so there’s an unofficial blog that keeps an eye out. And don’t miss the first set pics.

Comic Book Movies.. of the FUTURE!

I saw Spiderman 2 this week… In short? It was a good comic book movie but I really wanted to slap Peter Parker around. The non-action parts (and Kirsten Dunst) completely failed to pull me in. But the Spidey fans seem to like it.

Some comic-book news has surfaced: The first picture from Electra, featuring Jennifer Garner’s character from the flop Daredevil. There are also new pictures from Halle Berry’s Catwoman and Batman Begins – Christian Bale! Liam Neeson! Gary Oldman!.

And apparently Hayden Christensen is being considered for Daredevil 2. Run, Hayden – run FAR away. This is one used leather suit you don’t want to fill.