Hayden causes mad crush and other Star Wars news

Apparently, Hayden Christensen has the power to inspire mad crushes on the part of Japanese reporters. Note this rather love-struck article written during his promotion of Shattered Glass.

In other Star Wars news, Yoda talks to Costco. Interesting place to do your first media interview.

You can also have the rather interesting honor of owning a staple autographed by Samuel L. Jackson or Jimmy Smits.

And finally, an interview with Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker done before a Boston convention in which Tony actually seems pleased with Episode 3. (No spoilers, though.)

Those aren’t droids. They’re Robots!

Per ComingSoon.net, Ewan McGregor’s animated adventure Robots will be released on IMAX screens the same day as it’s released in conventional theaters.

Apparently, Ewan joined his ROTS co-star Natalie Portman and his good friend Jude Law to see her new movie Closer and gave it two thumbs up.

And so as to avoid demonstrating our obvious bias towards Mr. McGregor, we also include this coverage of Natalie Portman:
Zap2It Interview

Natalie on Dave Letterman on Thanksgiving

Serenity… in September

So much for those tentative plans to see Serenity with fannish buds at Celebration 3… Universal Pictures has moved the release date from April 22nd to September 30th, and Joss Whedon himself posted at fan site Whedonesque with the news.

The delay hasn’t been received very well by the fandom, but I can’t help but think this is a good thing. It avoids the chances of Serenity getting creamed by Episode 3. Secondly, after ROTS is out we’ll need some comfort food. Not because the movie will rock or suck or who-knows-what else, but because it’s the last SW movie ever.

And you know what? We’re still getting a Firefly movie. And that’s the most important reason of all.