Apples and oranges

I’m rather resigned to the fact that George can’t stop fiddling with the Original Trilogy, but in the light of that, isn’t this quote just a tad bit hypocritical?

“Would color distract from their comedy and make it not as funny anymore?” Lucas said. “Maybe just the fact that they’re in black and white makes it funny, because their humor is dated. But by putting it in black and white, it puts it in a context where you can appreciate it for what it was.

“But you try to make it in full living color and try to compare it to a Jim Carrey movie, then it’s hard for young people to understand. Because you’re then thinking you’re comparing apples to apples, when you’re not. You’re comparing apples to oranges. I’m saying it’s not fair to the artist.”

From The Three Stooges — in color?

Replace ‘color’ with ‘CGI’ and ‘black & white’ with ‘guys in rubber masks and ships on strings,’ and… well.

Ewan’s next film

Ewan McGregor gets back to sci-fi with Michael Bay’s The Island:

DreamWorks’ sci-fi project follows a “harvested being” who makes a bid to escape the utopian facility where he is being kept. The studio is eyeing a fall start. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (“The Legend of Zorro”) are on board to write the script, which originated as a spec by Caspian Tredwell-Owen.

Sounds like The Matrix meets The Truman Show

Bookstore Finds

I think we’re in a book lull. At least, I didn’t see anything actually new at my bookstores, this week. Maybe there’s an inventory strike? (My B&N did banish the Star Wars and Star Trek books to another row outside of SF&F. I hope it’s a sign of making more space for lots of new books!)

At any rate, here are the magazines I saw, this week:
Star Wars Insider #77 – The latest Insider finally made it onto the shelves, this week. This is the first issue under the new publisher. And it features a lovely picture of the Classic Trilogy gang on the cover. What do you think the Top 10 Classic Trilogy Moments are?

Entertainment Weekly – August 13, 2004 – Much to the Wanton’s horror, there is a big ol’ picture of Ewan and the rather odd-looking beard (aka The Woodchuck) he grew while on his Long Way Round adventure. There is, however, a rather amusing article on the great battles of sci-fi. ESB versus ST:Wrath of Khan.

Film Review – Special #52, aka The Spider Man Special – No surprise, this one’s devoted to Spider Man. However, there is also a look at all of this summer’s blockbusters. (Or, at least, those who want to be blockbusters.) And there’s also a review of the top 10 films of all time, boxoffice-wise. It’s current as of two months ago.

US Weekly – August 16, 2004 – Oh, look! It’s The Woodchuck, again. However, they make up for it by giving us a really cute picture of Orlando Bloom on the set of his new movie. (Wanton’s are stalking Elizabethtown as we speak. PG…get the bail money ready!)

Until next time, intrepid bookstore stalkers!