Random Strangeness

Here are some random URLs for fun. Mostly offensive fun.

This piece from cnn.com answers the musical question and answer, “Bad sex? You’re soaking in it!”

Here, you can experience the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life being reenacted in thirty seconds by cartoon bunnies. No, really.

And here, Foamy, the extremely foul-mouthed squirrel from the online cartoon series Neurotically Yours, goes off on an extremly foul-mouthed squirrel diatribe about the true meaning of Christmas.

Fan Organizations at CIII

The official site has posted which fan groups will be featured in the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall. There are several organizations familiar to CJ members in the lineup, like The 501st, Chicago Force and the Indy Knights. The fan groups will be recruiting, passing out swag, and spreading the word about their respective organizations.